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Title: A Whisper on the Wind by Joan Smith

Tags: Gothic-Classic Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: December 31 1990
Genre: ,

Swept off her feet by dashing Fraser Audry, young Rosalie was dazzled by his suave good looks, disarming charm and lavish gifts. Their whirlwind courtship and the beautiful wedding in Paris seemed like a romantic dream come true. But upon returning to England, Rosalie suddenly felt that something was terribly wrong. People she had never met before treated her as she was an old friend, a man she had never seen kept bringing up a past she was certain they'd never shared. Her uneasiness turned to desperate fear as she chased phantom clues that led nowhere. She sought comfort in the arms of her magnificent husband but on ominous whisper on the wind warned her not to trust even her own heart..

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