A Midsummer Bride by Amanda Forester

Title: A Midsummer Bride by Amanda Forester
Series: Marriage Mart #2

Tags: Scientist Heroines,

Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: November 5 2013
Pages: 407
ISBN13: 9781402271816

Love is one experiment this scientist hasn't tested...

Miss Harriet Burton, a horrendously rich American heiress, laughs too loud, states her opinion directly, and even conducts science experiments. Her uncle is desperate to get her off his hands and is offering a king's ransom to anyone able to arrange a suitable marriage that comes with a title.

To avoid marriage, Harriet swears off all men, until she meets Duncan Maclachlan, Earl of Thornton. But when Thornton is falsely accused of being a traitor, Harriet must use her knowledge of chemistry to find the real culprit and spark true romance.

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