A Mackenzie Family Christmas by Jennifer Ashley

Title: A Mackenzie Family Christmas by Jennifer Ashley
Series: Mackenzies & McBrides #4.5

Tags: Holiday Romance, England-Victorian Era,

Published by: Ja/AG Publishing
Release Date: December 15 2012
Genre: ,
Pages: 202

Revisit the Mackenzies in this heartwarming Christmas tale of the New York Times bestselling Mackenzies series.

The Mackenzies gather for a clan Christmas and Hogmanay in Scotland. In the chaos of preparations for the celebration--the first of Hart and Eleanor's married life--one of Ian's Ming bowls gets broken, and the family scrambles to save the day. Daniel busily runs a betting ring for everything from the hour Eleanor's baby will arrive, to whether Mac's former-pugilist valet can win a boxing match. Ian begins a new obsession, and Beth fears that the loss of one of his precious bowls has made him withdraw once more into his private world.

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