A Love Beyond Time by Flora Speer

Title: A Love Beyond Time by Flora Speer
Series: Charlegmagne Time Travel #2

Tags: Ladies of the Knights, Celtic Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: May 1 1994
Pages: 439
ISBN13: 9780505519481

The Man from the Heavens

Accidentally thrust back to the eighth century by a computer genius' time-travel program, Mike Bailey fell from the sky and landed near Charlemagne's camp. Knocked senseless by the crash, he couldn't remember his name, address, or occupation, but no shock could make his body forget how to respond when he awoke to the sight of an enchanting angel on earth.

Angel on Earth

Headstrong and innocent, Danise was already eighteen and almost considered an old maid by the Frankish nobles who courted her. Yet the stubborn beauty chose to risk spending her life cloistered in a nunnery rather than marry for any reason besides love. Unexpectedly mesmerized by the stranger she discovered unconscious in the forest, Danise was quickly roused by an all-consuming passion—and a desire that would conquer time itself.

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