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Title: A Flame Run Wild by Christine Monson

Tags:Crusades Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: February 1 1988
Pages: 393

Treachery Was Their Battleground...Love Was The Elusive Prize
To her scheming family, the beautiful French-born Liliane del Pinal was a valuable prize to be traded. To Alexandre de Brueil, proud Crusader, his wealthy, golden-haired bride was a dangerous lure he could neither trust nor resist. Yet to Liliane, the stranger she had married sparked a fire in her innocent heart, and when he was called to war, she was compelled to follow...

She became a woman of daring, defiance, and a thousand disguises, her captivating loveliness dancing like wildfire across a warrior's soul - tempting him with the promise of paradise...or the hell of betrayal...and urging him always toward total surrender...

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