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Title: A Distant Shore by Susannah James

Tags: Harem,

Published by: Signet
Release Date: January 5 1982
Pages: 416

In a glittering pleasure palace where lust was king, her beauty was her peril – and her power.

A violent road of piracy on the high seas and barbaric bartering in female flesh in North Africa led Aimée Dubucq de Rivery from a sheltered convent in France to the Great Sultan’s Seraglio in Constantinople.

In this man-made, woman-filled prison of pleasure, this beautiful, untouched young girl’s whole life was to be given over to the art of love. She would be the latest sexual plaything of a jaded ruler searching for new diversions. She would be the target of the deadly intrigues of her rivals for his bed and his ear. And she would become the last hope of a vast empire sinking into a swamp of unspeakable corruption.

This is the blazing, enthrallingly romantic saga of a woman who changed history with her yielding body and her iron will on A Distant Shore.

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