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Title: A Daring Alliance by Karla Hocker

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era,

Published by: Warner Books
Release Date: August 1 1988

The Talk of the Ton

Skirts swirled, fans fluttered, and the waltz played on as the London Season peaked. For all her youth and beauty, Lady Georgiana Rutledge wanted none of it; the ton dandies bored her. Nonetheless, her heart stood still the moment Barrett Gray entered the ballroom. Was it his good looks, brash strength...or American accent? Georgiana had long been fascinated by America, and Barrett's very presence turned her dreamy. Indeed he seemed intrigued by her. But any hope was dashed by the purse-pinched Sir Percy Hargrave, for in his pursuit of a rich bride, Sir Percy would resort to trickery and scandal, forcing Georgiana to find a husband quickly. It was a pickle, to be sure, yet one that would take her to America, Barrett Gray, and—amid the War of 1812—a delectable improvement in Anglo-American relations.

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