A Companion of Quality by Nicola Cornick

Title: A Companion of Quality by Nicola Cornick
Series: The Steepwood Scandal #4

Tags: England-Restoration Era,

Published by: Harlequin
Release Date: August 3 2001

A young woman disappears. A husband is suspected of murder. Stirring times for all the neighborhood.

When Captain Lewis Brabant returned from the open sea, all thought he meant to choose a bride. As eligible females readied to meet the dashing Captain Brabant, one woman of modest means stood away from the crowd and let her friend have a go at the bachelor. In fact, Miss Caroline Whiston had no expectations, since she was a lady's companion. But no sooner had the two met than they felt a heady attraction, despite the odds. Would Captain Lewis defy convention and fall in love with this beguiling companion...?

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