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Bookish: Would You Rather? Lets Play

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 10 comments

This is something that I saw on Booktube and I thought it would make for a fun topic to do and feel free to play along in the comments and let me know what you would choose ion this game of “Would You Rather”, which I originally saw these and added a few of my own from “Bookish Samantha

Would you Rather:

Alpha Male or Cinnamon Roll Hero?

Cinnamon Roll is a newer term and I will probably start working on some recommendations for this one here. But I have to say I adore a alpha male, they are my catnip. although if you get a alpha-mellow (which is basically an alpha cinnamon roll that those are just *chefs kiss*) but if we are looking at which one I would pick….ALPHA MALES all the way. I just find that they tend to have the most masculine traits and I like a man that is protective and strong and fights his battles and willing to stand up to the heroine when its needed. My favorite type of alpha males tends to be those that are written by Aja James, Melissa Foster and Kristen Ashley.

Second Chance or Insta Lust?

There is something that I adore about Second Chance the most, and most especially when it has a small town setting. But there is something so deeply endearing about seeing a couple find their way back together because their first time around just had circumstances where it just wasn’t the right time for them.

Top Book Choices: Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan, Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas, The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks, and Creed by Kristen Ashley

MMF or Reverse Harem?

So this is an easy one for me, MMF all the way. I can’t stand reverse harem, its just not a set up that will work for me. I have tried it, but I feel like you don’t get the emotional intimacy in a reverse harem like you will in a MMF. I adore menage when its written well, and I just don’t see reverse harems being solid romances that will work for me. Granted I have only read one haha but it was from a favorite author and I just couldn’t get on board with it because at the end of the day it was just smut and nothing more, and I need the emotional relationship journey between my characters and unless its a long book, I just don’t see how you can get there that will deliver a satisfying story for me personally. I get why it appeals to some readers, I just don’t get the hype as that is just not what I like in my romance.

Book Choices: Camelot Trilogy by Sierra Simone, Give Me More by Sara Cate, and Wicked Beauty by Katee Robert

Marriage of Convenience or Kidnapping?

This was a hard one for me because I love both when its written well. But I would have to say Marriage of Convenience wins if I were to choose. There is something so unique about this trope and seeing a couple come together because there is a scandal or a situation that brings a couple together. And I will say that I love the relationship building that we see in a marriage of convenience. And you just can’t go wrong with this trope, especially in a historical romance.

Book choices: Enchanted by Elizabeth Lowell, Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas, The Favor by Suzanne Wright, and Destiny’s Surrender by Beverly Jenkins

Mafia Romance or Monster Romance?

This is so easy for me, and if you have been following me long enough then you all will know that Mafia is the winner on this one. I just haven’t quite gotten on the bandwagon yet for monster romance (and the males are too beta for me in many of them to appeal to me like I would need them to for me to read them more) so Mafia romance all day long. Even though I don’t condone any actions of what they do in real life, there is something gritty about a mafia romance, and it will normally feature arranged marriages in a contemporary setting which I do love to see.

Top Picks: Broken Vow by Sophie Lark, Hers to Tame by Rhenna Morgan, Mafia and His Angel by Lylah James, Stolen by a Sinner by Michelle Heard, and Raze by Tillie Cole

Super romantic closed door or mediocre steamy romance?

Now this is an easy one for me and that would be closed door all the way. I am here for the romance. While I appreciate all the SPICE I need a solid relationship book and I need it to win me over. But I read both closed door and spicy romance, so I prefer a romantic read over something mediocre because I am not here for the mediocre stuff, I wanted to be SWOONED (and yes I am aware that its probably not a word but I am creating it anyway haha )

Dark Romance or Romantic Comedy?

haha while I appreciate rom-com’s for what they are, they are something I really HAVE to be in the mood for. I like good humor and witty dialogue (they are a must in a romance) but a straight up rom com never really satisfy me most of the time. In fact its rare for them to completely satisfy me in the way I need them to (although some of Meghan Quinn has been able to deliver that for me). So this one is a easy choice as it will be Dark Romance. I adore the more gritty vibes and there is so many themes that can be considered a dark romance, it can be addicting for me, so I try not to read too much in a row or I might never stop haha But Dark Romance is definitely my vibe as I like the more serious tones in a romance over the light and fluffy. But I do see the appeal of a rom com (and if that’s your thing that is awesome, its just not for me most of the time)

Top Choices: Relentless Hunter by Maggie Cole, Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower, Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde, Dark Notes by Pam Godwin, and Untouchable by Sam Mariano

Marriage of Convenience or Second Chance?

I would have to say Marriage of Convenience if I had to choose. But most times it would have to depend on my mood, but I do love the set up of a marriage of convenience and second chance can be super angsty depending on the book for that. But there is something so charming about a Marriage of Convenience that would appeal to me more.

Friends to Lovers or Forced Proximity?

Wow ….this one is SUPER difficult but I would say Friends to Lovers. That would win hands down because I feel like that is the most realistic for me as I imagine being best friends with my spouse. There is a certain appeal to Forced Proximity but I adore the dynamics of a friends to lovers and will always work for me if I am in the mood for something more sweet and endearing.

Top Picks: Once A Rake by Rona Sharon, Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts, Letting Go by Maya Banks, Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

Real Person Covers or Illustrated Covers?

Any of you who know my reading tastes and cover tastes know that its all the clinch covers…..I really can’t stand illustrated covers (I don’t even like anything animated at all) so I mean illustrated cartoon covers just don’t appeal to me and quite frankly when it comes to romance, they don’t represent the genre very well at all. And there is something that is more appealing to me with real people on the cover and has some clinch in it, that will draw my attention and I am 100 times per likely to pick it up if it has real people on the cover.

Top Picks: The Sea King by C.L. Wilson, Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin, Ride Wild by Laura Kaye, Rebel by Beverly Jenkins, Mine to Have by Natasha Madison

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  1. ratmom

    Oh these are good questions. I do like a monster romance. So many monsters so little time.

  2. Samantha @WLABB

    There are a lot of sub-genres up there that I do not read at all. I love a cinnamon roll, but then an alpha comes along and sweeps me off my feet when I least expect it. It’s complicated.

  3. Stephanie

    We definitely have very different tastes when it comes to romance haha! But that’s the fun of the reader community – everyone has unique interests but we can all agree that books are WONDERFUL! It was fun to read your answers here 🙂

  4. Sophia Roses

    I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other for most of these because it really would depend on mood and the writer. But, I do have a definite preference on covers. We do agree on covers- real peeps all the way. 🙂 Loved seeing your picks and book examples.

  5. anovelglimpse

    These questions had to be so hard to answer. It would be hard to pick between alpha and cinnamon roll.

  6. nbiblioholic

    I actually agreed with most of your answers. I will say that I love a great spicy book, however, if an author can’t balance the explicitness I love with relationship building and quality, I’d rather they concentrate on the connection and chemistry between the characters.

    This is such a fun idea! XO

  7. Jen

    What a fun concept! Without answering each… my favorite subgenres are fake relationship (marriage of convenience works for this) followed by second chance. I adore lighter romances – so rom com over dark. I do enjoy dark in my Urban Fantasies, however. Back in the day, I was in for the steam, but now, it’s all about the characters and story, so closed-door is great for me. Covers – I’ve warmed up to the cartoon covers, but not for all books… mostly rom-coms and light fare.

  8. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I find it almost impossible to choose between the alpha’s and the cinnamon rolls. But it pushed, the alphas probably win by a smidge. 🙂 Second chance is one of my top fave tropes. I definitely pick dark romance over rom-coms. Too often rom-coms just do not work for me. They lapse into pure silliness and crazy hijinks that I just don’t find funny. Give me the dark, emotional stuff! Real person covers FTW! I loathe the catoonish/illustrated covers and find them to be such a turn-off. I pass them over time and time again.

  9. thebookdisciple

    I haven’t gotten on the “monster” romance either. It is just weird for me. And I like an alpha male who is a cinnamon roll with the heroine. That is the best (Tessa Bailey has some guys like this)


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