Book Review-Twice A Texas Bride by Linda Broday

I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Twice A Texas Bride by Linda BrodayTwice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday
Series: Bachelors of Battle Creek #2
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on May 5th 2015
Genres: Historical Romance, American West
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1492602841
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Callie leaned into him, borrowing his strength. "I'm so tired of being scared, Rand.""Running away won't change that. Trust me with your secrets. There's no reason to hold back any longer."She knew he was right. It was time to come clean."Start with your name," he said.
Left with emotional scars from his time in an orphanage, Rand Sinclair has vowed never to marry. But when he discovers Callie Quinn and a small orphan boy hiding on his ranch, he can't help but open his home to the desperate runaways.
Callie has been betrayed by every man she's ever known. While she's grateful for Rand's incredible kindness, she knows it's only a matter of time before he shows his true colors. But she needs this safe haven-maybe the outlaw on her trail won't find them here. Yet as Rand slowly uncovers her secret fears, they each come to realize that the only way to keep her safe is for Rand to risk everything to offer her the protection of his name...and his heart.



Rand Sinclair, is one of the three blood brothers, who met in a orphanage and their bond stronger than if they had been born into the same family. Rand for years had run a saloon, but he wanted something more, and sold the saloon to have a ranch like his brothers. Rand knows that he will never marry. He has been burned too many times. He is content to be a bachelor. During a storm, he sees movement in his barn, and when he goes to investigates he finds a woman and a small boy, shivering from the cold and fear. He offers them sanctuary, and when he learns that Callie can cook, he offers her a job. Callie is on the run from her past, and her nephew, a boy who needs love and affection, and brought him away from a home that would destroy his sweet innocence and turning into a outlaw. She doesn’t trust anyone, but she has come to this ranch, to find her mothers treasure box, but what she didn’t expect is to find Rand, a man who is loving, loyal, and protective, a man of honor and integrity. Soon Callie will have to choose a life of on the run and living in fear, or trusting in Rand and his brothers and having faith in the love she has for him and making a stand for freedom against her enemy…

The Hero 

Rand Sinclair, grew up in a orphanage, his mother abandoned him to be a actress, but was able to find two other boys, and they formed a “blood bond” a bond strong than any other bond. They support and help each other. Rand is caught between a rock and a hard place, when his mother  returns and keeping trying to interrupt his calm life. Rand is a man of honor, I loved the tender way he is with Callie. He sees how afraid she is, and treats her with kindness and patience and offers her safety. I loved him as the hero, because he has a heart of gold and is so true to himself, and honorable. The perfect cowboy to win your heart.

The Heroine 

Callie is a woman who has sacrificed much in her life to do the right thing. When her sister marries the wrong man, a dangerous man, a outlaw who would kill without a thought. And is determined to raise his son, Toby, to be just like him, to teach him to kill. Once her sister dies, she knows she doesn’t have a choice, she must take Toby and run, because the last thing she wants is this sweet little boy to turn into a killer. She would do anything for him. I love Callie, she is a fighter. At first she seems timid and shy, but she has lived a life of fear for quite some time, but we see her grow into something more. We see her courage and strength to stand on her own and fight for her family. I loved how determined she is, and what a lady she is. She has some secrets from her past, but she also isn’t afraid to admit her mistakes and become stronger for it.

Plot and Story Line 

Twice A Texas Bride is a wonderful new installment in this series by Linda Broday. This author has become a new favorite for historical westerns…she definitely knows how to weave a beautiful love story together. I love the way she wraps it around you like a warm blanket. This is Rand’s story. There were so many good qualities to this story that made it a winner in my book. The first was the plot, exciting and full of mystery and had a certain balance of danger and passion. We see a tender love build between the characters. Its soft and sweet and so poignant you want to cry. Next are the characters. The characters are charming and win your heart. They are down to earth, they are both strong and passionate, and willing to die for their family. I love how they come together and decide to face whatever come together. Then some of the side characters are just a wonderful touch…we have the brothers of Rand…which was so great to see them again. And Brett’s story is next–the indian….(eeek….I am so EXCITED!!) Then we have Toby, what a charmer he is. His character is willful and playful and can still play despite what haunts him or what his father made him do. A boy in need of love and a safe home. This story comes down to one word: Courage….having the courage to face the danger and fight together to live in peace, safety and love.

I’m sure Mr. Rand will be satisfied with a handshake. That’s what grown ups do.”

“Nope, ” Toby shook his head ” A kiss.”

“You heard the boss, Callie.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake.” She couldn’t have moved if her life depended on it. Rand certainly seemed quite limber on his feet. And very eager to boot. “I really need to see about supper.”

“It can wait.” Rand persisted softly “You brought this on yourself. If you back out now, you’ll lose credibility with Toby. Do you want that.”

Callie’s mouth dried “No,” she whispered

One step and he stood nose to nose with her.

Rand reached out. With agonizing slowness, he took her face between his big hands then crushed his lips hungrily to hers. Sizzling spirals of heat rose and spread throughout her body, leaving a scorched pat. She couldn’t breath and she didn’t care. The yearning inside overpowered everything. She’d never felt so alive, so wanted, so desired.

The Cover 

What a beautiful cover don’t y’all think? I mean I can hardly stand it…I wish I had this in paperback so I could look at it more!! I love the pose of the couple, with her beautiful blue dress, and the prairie background and the sun setting….soft colors and has a sweet tone to it that matches the tone of the story.

Overall View 

Twice A Texas Bride is a spellbinding romance that will win your heart. A western romance with dangerous outlaws, a few secrets, a story of love and sacrifice and the ability to have the courage to face whats haunting you….HEART WARMING!!

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