Book Review-Tis The Season To Be Sinful

Book Review-Tis The Season To Be SinfulTis the Season to Be Sinful by Adrienne Basso
Published by Zebra on October 1st 2011
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era, Holiday Romance
Pages: 343
ISBN: 1420111914
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

The Season For Surprises. . .
Juliet Wentworth knew what she was getting into: a marriage of convenience that will save her estate and protect her family long into the future. But she wasn't expecting to find the passion of a lifetime in her new husband's arms. After just one night, Juliet knows a marriage in name only will never be enough. . .
The Season For Seduction. . .
Richard Harper's beautiful new bride has him reeling with desire--and running for cover. After all, falling in love was never part of the bargain. Yet when Christmastime celebrations bring him back to their country manor and back into Juliet's arms, Richard finds his wife is determined--and all too able--to win over his heart, one kiss at a time. . .

Tis The Season To Be Sinful, is a holiday novel by Adrienne Basso. Now I am really coming to adore this author, and I still can’t believe that I haven’t read more of her until now. Every time I read her, it reminds me of a time when I first fell in love with romance, and her writing is so riveting and provocative that it instantly draws you into the story.

In Tis The Season To Be Sinful, we find a story of two people who are destined to love each other, but find stumbling blocks along the way. Richard Harper, is a American, who hasn’t had it easy, but now he is rich and successful and wanting to make a life in England. Searching for ahome, he comes across a estate, with a home that he knows needs to be his own, and he is willing to pay whatever it takes to own it. Then he meets the owner, Juliet Wentworth. Juliet is a widow, and mother of three children, and is looking for a way out of her brother in laws thumb and his control over her children. They are barely making ends meet, and when Richard makes her a financial offer she can’t refuse, she knows that she doesn’t have a choice but to accept, and that offer is:Marriage. When she dares him to kiss her, passions are inflamed and Juliet is more than willing to start a life with a man that stirs desire in her. But Juliet soon learns that Richard isn’t so easily swayed, and it will take a tough and Strong woman to keep him by her side.

This story was such a delight to read and there was so much that I found myself enjoying about this story….that I had to give it my highest rating, because I flew through this story like no other, and could barely contain my excitement when it was over.  This story was rich was the Christmas theme from the yule log, picking and kissing under the mistletoe, hunting down holly to hang, picking out a tree, and yummy goodies, and the warm Christmas spirit. There is a little bit in here for everyone, and one of my favorite aspects of the story was seeing it all come together. It definitely a story I would recommend, especially if you are looking for a sensual and fun Christmas themed romance….a story to remember. This pair was quite a hoot, and I enjoyed seeing them work through things, and it wasn’t easy, but I loved the setting, and the way the plot developed…the characters were charming and all of them go straight to the heart, they are pure deliciousness, and the heat in this book is not too heavy but not too light either…I felt like it was just perfect. There is quite a bit of conflict before they reach their HEA, but it really gave the story volume and some unique elements that made this romance fully satisfying! Overall a winning romance to win over your heart, and give you that warm fuzzy feeling you look for in every romance….purely sensual to the core!!!

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