Book Review-Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley

Book Review-Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley

Book Review-Tiger Magic by Jennifer AshleyTiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley
Also in this series: Pride Mates, Bodyguard, Hard Mated, Mate Claimed, White Tiger, Red Wolf, Midnight Wolf
Series: Shifters Unbound #5
Published by Berkley Sensation on June 4, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting, Creatures-Tigers
Pages: 308
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0425251217
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He was once a captive, but his urges were never caged. Now he’ll release them on a beautiful stranger whose own secret desires are longing to be sated…

He doesn’t have a name. He doesn’t have a clan. The humans who held him prisoner for forty years have taken them away. He knew nothing but captivity until nearly a year ago, when he was released into the light. Now Tiger lives in the Austin Shiftertown, where he struggles to belong and searches for an identity.

Carly Randal thinks her fabulous life is complete—until her car breaks down on the side of the road, and a wild-looking Shifter is the only one to help her. Tiger takes one look at Carly and knows instantly—she will be his mate. As Carly is drawn into his Shifter world, she risks everything she has for that forbidden something she still wants: passionate love.

So I found out that I hadn’t gotten this book review over to the new site and wow this is one of my favorite books I have ever read. Its one that really packs quite a punch and I truly love Tiger, he is one of my favorite heroes I have read in romance. There is something so different about him and how he looks at life and quite frankly he is hilarious but is the heart of everyone around him. He is such a endearing character. Even though I liked Carly and as the heroine, not sure she was quite what I would have wanted for Tiger but their pairing was sweet and sexy. You won’t go wrong with grabbing this one up here.

Old Review

Now this review will be a bit shorter since I read this almost a week ago, and have been way too busy to write it until now. But especially since I had such a fun time reading this one, I knew I just had to share my review for it. Now I have been waiting for Tiger’s story for quite some time now. I do want to say that as far as shifter series go, this one tops my list for sure. Jennifer Ashley has such a remarkable talent when creating these stellar amazing stories. I have loved every one of the shifter books, but I will say that Tiger is a SENSATIONAL read! I loved every moment. I couldn’t put it down at all. There were so many things I enjoyed about this couple. One of the main things, is that to most shifters in shifter town, they are afraid of Tiger and what he will end up doing. When he meets Carly who isn’t afraid of him at all, she is intrigued by him more than anything. She doesn’t fight his claim on her that much, since they are complete strangers. I found it so adorable when Tiger interacted with the kids ( I guarantee your heart will melt!!!) He is so sweet and tender, and can be super alpha protective that definitely had me from the first page. Tiger is more unique than the other books, since he was created as a shifter, and not made as the other shifters are. In fact he is the only one in existence—so it has a twist to it that I felt was balanced pretty well, and there were many moments that got my heart rate up–who needs to exercise when you have a :”Tiger Hunk” to salivate after right? If you are looking for a love story full of adventure, spice and charm—this one is for you!!! Be read for one helleva ride folks!!

He also brought Carly’s purse from the living room. Having lived for months in the same house as Liam and his mate, Kim, Tiger had learned that these large bags were full of things females considered essential. They fussed when they didn’t have them.

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