Book Review-The Red Wolf Prize by Regan Walker

Book Review-The Red Wolf Prize by Regan Walker

Book Review-The Red Wolf Prize by Regan WalkerThe Red Wolf's Prize by Regan Walker
Series: Medieval Warriors #1
Published by CreateSpace on October 1, 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era
Pages: 244
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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#1 on Amazon's Top 100 Medieval Romances and WINNER of the 2015 RONE Award for Best Historical Novel in the medieval category!


Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, the Norman knight known as the Red Wolf for the beast he slayed with his bare hands, hoped to gain lands with his sword. A year after the Conquest, King William rewards his favored knight with Talisand, the lands of an English thegn slain at Hastings, and orders him to wed the heiress that goes with them, Lady Serena.


Serena wants nothing to do with the fierce warrior to whom she has been unwillingly given, the knight who may have killed her father. When she learns the Red Wolf is coming to claim her, she dyes her flaxen hair brown and flees, disguised as a servant, determined to one day regain her lands. But her escape goes awry and she is brought back to live among her people, though not unnoticed by the new Norman lord.

Deprived of his promised bride, the Red Wolf turns his attention to the comely servant girl hoping to woo her to his bed. But the wench resists, claiming she hates all Normans.

As the passion between them rises, Serena wonders, can she deny the Norman her body? Or her heart?

The Red Wolf Prize is the first book in the Medieval Warriors series by Regan Walker. I have had this book on my wish list for the LONGEST time!! I have adored Regan Walker for years, from reading her blog and reviews on Goodreads and then was thrilled when I saw that she had become an author!! She knows her stuff about history so I have always been intrigued about her work. First off, I will say that this book was brilliant with the historical authenticity. I was very impressed since its obvious how much research that Regan Walker put into this book.

The story brings us back to the 1068, England. This is the time period that follows the Battle of Hastings, where King William, The Norman invades England and conquers the land. This book features a Norman knight for our hero and a Saxon lady for our heroine. This is set amidst the conquering of England by King William and the strife and tension that England was full of during this period of time. As a reward to his knight, Renaud de Pierrepont or also known as “The Red Wolf” he offers him a land, castle and the lady for his wife, the Lady of Talisand.

Serena has lost her father, and her brother she hasn’t heard from in ages, the land is on fire after a year of battling with the Normans. When she hears that the Normans are coming to take over her land and that the Red Wolf is seeking her to be his wife. She is terrified, and even though she isn’t afraid to fight, she also knows of the rumors of the Normans and their brutality and the rumors of them raping women throughout England. She refuses to bow down to the Red Wolf or King William, and so she flees. But through a set of circumstances she is brought back and hides herself as a servant. There is a sexual tension between Renaud and Serena, but even though Serena is drawn to Renaud, she is also battling with her own loyalties to her Saxon country and kin. Does Serena choose love or duty in her loyalties….

It is unwise, my child, to look too long behind you, else you will miss the future that lies before you.

The Red Wolf’s Prize was a fantastic beginning and I was drawn so easily into this story. I just adored this book and boy I miss medieval romances like this one here. There just aren’t enough of them. I was captivated by this book. The first thing that I really noticed was the way that Regan Walker sets up the story and we get some great details and descriptions and I thought that they were very well done. We get a great background on our hero and I loved seeing his strength and courage. Our hero is so wonderful….he is a knight and a battle experienced warrior, but he also has honor and I love that he views women to be treated with respect. I loved his friendship with his men and how devoted he is to his King and seeing to the well-being of those he cares for the most.

Now our heroine was quite unique, I liked her quite a bit, not my favorite heroine at times, but she redeemed herself in many different ways. She isn’t your run of the mill medieval heroine. She is quite tenacious and determined and has a talent with a bow. She has fighting spirit you admire. I will be honest, at the beginning I had a hard time with her character in some ways. I found it odd that she would just run away, when that isn’t in her nature to do so and the more we get to know her, you realize that she is way stronger than she appears in the beginning.

I found the romance to be so endearing and sweet at times, we do have a enemies to lovers trope going on, but also at first the heroine isn’t showing the hero her true self, she hides many parts of her personality from him because she is posing as a maid and not as the chatelaine. We see how loyal her people are to her, and try to protect her from the Red Wolf finding out her true identity. Then we have a mix up in the plot and their love and trust is tested but it works out in the end and the ending was so poignant.

I found The Red Wolf’s Prize to be a sensational read that spans the centuries and makes the era come alive for the reader…its a tale of passion….true loyatlies and the test of true love. A SPARKLING GEM!!


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