Book Review-The Infamous Rogue

Book Review-The Infamous RogueThe Infamous Rogue by Alexandra Benedict
Also in this series: The Notorious Scoundrel
Series: Hawkins Brothers #2
Published by Harper Collins on July 28th 2009
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 9780061893025
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They paid no mind to society's prying eyes . . .
The daughter of a wealthy bandit, Sophia Dawson once lost herself in the arms of Black Hawk, the most infamous pirate ever to command the high seas. But now, determined to put her sinful past behind her, she prepares to enter society as the bride of a well-born nobleman who knows nothing of her scandalous youth. All goes according to plan until her ex-lover—now a respectable sea captain but just as handsome and dangerous as ever—appears and once again tempts her with desire.
From the moment he sees Sophia again, James Hawkins wants only one thing: Revenge. He'll see to it that the reckless beauty pays for abandoning their heated affair. And so begins a battle of wills that can end only in utter ruin . . . or wicked surrender . . .

My Review:

Sophia Dawson, daughter of a pirate, seven years ago fell in love with Pirate Black Hawke, one of the most infamous pirates but when she fell in love, she found she couldn’t stay without marriage, and she wanted more than to be his mistress and being shunned by everyone surrounding her, she deserves more than that. Now she is in England, and respectable, and is very close to winning the hand of a Duke, but then James enters into her life once more, and she knows that he can destroy everything that she has worked for to get to this point. James, once the Black Hawke Pirate, has retired from pirating for his sisters sake, and hates being in Society, but then he sees the one woman that he has vowed for revenge, thinking she is cold and unfeeling. However both Sophia and James, are headstrong and stubborn, and when they enter into a battle of wills which could lead to scandal or the most exquisite pleasure to be found in one another’s arms once more.

The Hero 
James, who once was the Black Hawke infamous pirate, has retired from piracy due to his sister marrying and now he must be respectable for her sake, but resents every moment in society’s sight. James has always been the one to take care of his siblings and now he has come face to face with the one woman who had once held his heart. But now he has a shield around himself, as protection, not wanting her to hurt him once more. Yet now he vows for revenge for leaving him in the first place.

The Heroine:
Sophia Dawson, is a daughter of a pirate, now her father has passed away, but despite that she has recently been scorned by her lineage. She once fell in love with James, but wanted more than just to be in his bed, but to spend the rest of her life with him. But when he refused marriage to her, she knew she couldn’t live this way, so she left him taking her broken heart with her. Now seven years later, she is in Society, and managed to look respectable and is hoping to win the hand of a nobleman. But then James enters her life, and she knows that any pursuit of the hidden passion she once buried, could destroy everything she has built her life for.

My Thoughts:
Although The Infamous Rogue was a wonderful romance to read, it was one of those that I had to push myself into reading. It didn’t draw me in as other books of this author has. I think the problem was the characters in this book. It just seemed off to me the way they interacted with each other, especially at the beginning of the book. Maybe its just me, or.. I don’t know, but this is probably one of my least favorites of this author that she has written. Although I do like reading from this author, The Infamous Rogue just doesn’t do it for me.  It did have some good points though, I did enjoy the plot of the story and although I liked the book it was a bit more than an average read, although I will be reading the rest of her books that are related to this one though. I hope I will enjoy them much more. But if you like historical romances with a handsome rogue pirate, than you will enjoy this one.

About Alexandra Benedict

ALEXANDRA BENEDICT is the author of several historical romance novels. Her work has received critical acclaim from Booklist and a rare and coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly. Romantic Times awarded her a "Top Pick" review and raved: "There is nothing quite as exciting as finding a fresh, vibrant new voice, and Benedict has it!" All of Alexandra's books are translated into various languages.

Alexandra also writes young adult fantasy fiction with a romantic twist under the pen name ALEX BENEDICT. Don't miss SO DOWN I FALL, the "Broken Fins" series starter (now available!).

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