Book Review-The Duke’s Guide To Correct Behavior

Book Review-The Duke’s Guide To Correct BehaviorThe Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior by Megan Frampton
Published by Avon on November 25th 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
ISBN: 0062352210
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All of London knows the Duke of Rutherford has position and wealth. They also whisper that he’s dissolute, devilish, and determinedly unwed. So why, everyone is asking, has he hired a governess?
When Miss Lily Russell crosses the threshold of the Duke of Rutherford’s stylish townhouse, she knows she has come face to face with sensual danger. For this is no doting papa. Rather, his behavior is scandalous, and his reputation rightly earned. And his pursuit of her is nearly irresistible—but resist she must for the sake of her pupil.
As for the duke himself, it was bad enough when his unknown child landed on his doorstep. Now Lily, with her unassuming beauty, has aroused his most wicked fantasies—and, shockingly, his desire to change his wanton ways. He’s determined to become worthy of her, and so he asks for her help in correcting his behavior.
But Lily has a secret, one that, if it becomes known, could change everything . . .

The Duke’s Guide To Correct Behavior, is the first book of the latest series by Megan Frampton…who is a new author to me.  I will say that I was very impressed with this title….it had so much in it that I am looking for in a Regency Historical Romance, and in a solid and balanced story. The first thing that drew me to this story, was the idea of a hired governess. I always love a governess theme to a story, I always have, it’s a style of a story that is so easy to relate with, and I had no problems connecting with the main characters of the story.

In this book, we have the hero: the Duke of Rutherford, Marcus is quite the character. I just adored him from page one. At first he appears to be your average rake who loves his drinking and his women and parties. But when he learns that his daughter’s mother, has passed away, and that his child has no one to care for her, he steps in and takes responsibility. The first thing he does is hire a governess, Miss Lily Russell. Lily  and her friends are trying to build up a business of governesses, and aiding women that need help. Lily going to work as a governess for a Duke is one sure way to get their business going. Lily feels a attraction the Marcus right away, but she also feels a emotional connection to her charge, a sweet little girl who just needs some loving.

There are quite a few things about this book that I really loved. The first thing was the family bond these three seem to form from the get go. There was such a charming tone to this story and the way Lily and Marcus are with each other. Marcus isn’t your normal rake…I just adored him. At first he seems to be a scoundrel, but the moment that his daughter enters his life, his whole outlook changes. Marcus was never supposed to be the Duke, and was always treated as second best. But now he is a Duke, with more power than he knows what to do with. In this story, we a man that is honorable and dedicated fully to his daughter. When he starts to spending more time with Lily, there is desire, but we see a strong emotional side to their relationship form at the same time–which is not your average regency theme in any way. I loved seeing the balance of the plot, and how everything comes together in a perfectly good way. What I also liked was how devoted Marcus is to Lily, and it was quite riveting seeing this story evolve.

Overall a charming and sweet romance that won my heart. A story that is a delightful mix of witty characters, a gentle flow to the plot, a book that will pull the reader, and touch their hearts. WELL DONE!!

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