Book Review-Striking Distance by Pamela Clare

Book Review-Striking Distance by Pamela ClareStriking Distance by Pamela Clare
Also in this series: Breaking Point
Series: I-Team #6
Published by Berkley on November 5th 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Her past is a secret—even to her.Discovering it will be the most dangerous move of her life.
TV reporter Laura Nilsson, known as the "Baghdad Babe," spent eighteen months in an Al Qaeda compound after being kidnapped live on the air. Two years later, she's still wondering why.
No rescue mission in Javier Corbray's fourteen years as a Navy SEAL affected him the way Laura's rescue did. No woman has stirred his protective instincts the way she has. And he wants her more than he's ever wanted anyone.
As Laura and Javier's passion ignites, so does Laura's need to discover the mystery of her past. Especially when she learns that her abduction was not random—and that she's still a target for a killer with an impenetrable motive. Now Javier will have to rely on his skills to keep the woman he loves from being struck down before she dares uncover the truth.

For 18 months, Laura Nilsson, was kidnapped and held hostage, raped and humiliated. Then a SEAL team comes to capture the man who has held her captive for almost two years. Laura finds herself rescued, and taken back home. Now its been three years since she was taken, and she is just starting to get her life back together. While at a friend’s barbecue, she comes face to face with Javier Corbray, a man she once shared a passionate night with, a man she fell in love with but she knows her life is different, and she isn’t the same woman now. Javier was the leader of the team that rescued Laura, and when he sees her again, he knows he can’t let her get away from him. When Laura becomes targeted and her life in danger, Javier will do everything in his power to protect her at all costs.

Striking Distance is the sixth and the most latest installment of the I Team series by Pamela Clare. I fell in love with Pamela Clare with some of her historical romances. Her style of writing is just as compelling and intense as when I first read her. In Striking Distance, is a action packed romance, with plenty of tension to keep you on the edge from beginning to end. From the first few pages I was hooked and I just couldn’t put it down!! There is quite a high level of intensity, and we see quite a bit of action and some steamy scenes between Laura and Javier, and what a awesome team they were together. One of my favorite couple to read from.

Javier, is  military man, a navy SEAL, and loves his work. There is one moment he is most proud of, the moment when he was able to save the woman he though was dead. The story begins with seeing Laura being held in captivity, then being rescued, and it skips ahead a year, to where Laura meets Javier again, and wow what a connection they have, even after so much time has passed. Javier, is such a delicious hero. I love the way he is with Laura, so patient and protective, and sexy as sin!! I wouldn’t mind have Javier at my back any day of the week. Laura is a fighter. I was instantly endeared to her. You see how much she has been badly treated from her time in captivity, and then we see how hard she has worked to have a normal life again. She isn’t one to back down from danger, and has such inner courage that you can’t help but admire. Javier and Laura are absolutely perfect for each other, and what a story Striking Distance is!!

Overall I would highly highly recommend Striking Distance to anyone that loves a riveting romance that is a never ending page turner, a story you won’t be able to put down until the very end. One of the best romantic suspense books I have ever read!! Be ready for a wild ride of a adventure. Suspenseful plot, engaging characters, highly sensuality, and compelling on each page!! A FABULOUS READ!!

“I couldn’t have gotten through any of this without you. Through all of it, you’ve been my support, my anchor. I don’t know how one man’s shoulders can possibly be so strong.”

He tilted her face up to his. “With the love I feel for you, bella, I could lift up the world.”

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