Book Review-Nuts by Alice Clayton

Book Review-Nuts by Alice Clayton

Book Review-Nuts by Alice ClaytonNuts by Alice Clayton
Series: Hudson Valley #1
Published by Gallery Books on October 20th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Small Town
Pages: 308
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 1501118137
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Roxie Callahan is a private chef to some of Hollywood’s wealthiest, and nastiest, calorie-counting wives. After a dairy disaster implodes her carefully crafted career in one fell ploop, she finds herself back home in upstate New York, bailing out her hippie mother and running the family diner.
When gorgeous local farmer Leo Maxwell delivers her a lovely bunch of organic walnuts, Roxie wonders if a summer back home isn’t such a bad idea after all. Leo is heavily involved in the sustainable slow food movement, and he likes to take his time. In all things. Roxie is determined to head back to the west coast as soon as summer ends, but will the pull of lazy fireflies and her very own Almanzo Wilder be enough to keep her home for good?
Salty. Spicy. Sweet. Nuts. Go on, grab a handful.


Roxie Callahan can’t believe that she lost her job over “butter” of all things and lost all of her clients in LA, because of one client who screwed her over with all of her other clients. Now she is out of a job, and even though her mother needs her home, the last thing that Roxie wants to do is come back to that small town. But without a job, and living in California she knows that she will have to do it. So she reluctantly agrees to stay for the summer to take over her mother’s diner. And she literally bumps in a sexy farmer with the most brilliant green eyes she has ever seen before. As Roxie keeps bumping and stumbling over farmer Leo, chemistry is fiery hot. Their fling is only for the summer they both say, but very quickly what was a summer fling turns into something more, but will secrets and misunderstandings be what keeps them apart or bring them together?

The Hero

Leo, is a organic farmer and for years has been cultivating the land. But Leo wasn’t always a farmer. He was raised in a entitled family in Manhattan, he could have had everything he ever wanted, but he was betrayed and even though he gained something important to him, he wanted out of that city life and decided to build something important on his family’s land that had been run down at the time. Leo is one sexy farmer. He is kind and sweet with kids, he makes time for everyone no matter how busy he gets. Leo is one of those characters that is a keeper and has such a nice personality. I don’t get to read nice heroes like this and I love him. He enjoys life to the fullest and you have to admire that nothing gets him down for long.

The Heroine

Roxie Callahan, may have grown up in Hudson Valley, but she got out as soon as she possibly could. She was terribly shy and when she graduated she wanted to be confident and make something out of herself. So she got herself in one of the top culinary schools and became a professional chef. Roxie has never had a serious relationship, she has stuck with one night stands. After seeing her mother go through too many boyfriends and call it “love” Roxie knew that life could never be for her. Roxie is quirky, clumsy, talented at cooking, and gets tongue tied around handsome farmers with green eyes. And I loved her character so very much. She is who she is and not ashamed of it. I like that she goes full speed ahead on many things.

Plot and Story Line

I had NO idea what to expect from Nuts to be honest. But ever since I first read Clayton a few weeks ago, I have been itching to try her out again and boy Nuts won me over pretty quickly. Now I will admit, the beginning was a bit slow with all the cooking and fancy details that we get thrown at. But it was cute and funny and quickly won me over the moment that our heroine enters her hometown and she meets her farmer. Now these two were simply hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing at so many fun antics especially their first few meetings. The romance starts as a summer fling, just wanting to enjoy each other for a short time but there is definitely something going on more than just sex here.


He kissed me hot…And he kissed me wet. And he kissed me . . . slow. Agonizingly, maddeningly, painfully slow.

I loved kissing. I also loved what it usually led to, but I was especially loving this part with Leo. The beginning, when everything is new and exciting, and everything in the entire world boils down to sweet feathering lips and quiet sighs. When the stars fade and the earth ceases to turn, its axis forgotten in the wake of things like: which way will you lean and which way will my neck naturally turn, and is it possible that I can actually detect your fingerprints, because my skin seems so alive right now and my nose just brushed yours and the tiny groan that just rumbled from deep in your chest is the most erotic sound imaginable

But boy Clayton really packs a punch with all the feels here. We get a great introduction into this charming farming valley and townfolk. And I love the gossip mills that go around here. This is a story that will captive you from the beginning, I love the humor, fun and silly moments, the chemistry that sizzles and plenty of change and growth to go around. Definitely gotta try out the next book. And another great plus to this story is how informative it is in getting the reader familiar with “farmer markets”, you definitely learn quite a bit about farming and I always love learning new things.

The Cover

LOVE the cover we have here, and the lettering is done very dynamically. Much love here.

Overall View

Nuts is a quaint and warm romance that will stun you and keep you from putting it down. Plenty of silly times, mouthwatering smexy scenes and a love story to steal your heart!! A story you don’t want to miss out on. Get ready to laugh your socks off!! TANTALIZING

Books N Tunes Pick #1: Summer Nights by Grease

Now from the beginning, the first line of this song is put in the book and you feel it through the whole thing so I just had to put this one on.

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About Alice Clayton

ALICE CLAYTON worked in the cosmetics industry for over a decade before picking up a pen (read laptop).

She enjoys gardening but not weeding, baking but not cleaning up, and finally convinced her long-time boyfriend to marry her.

Now, about that Bernese Mountain dog.

11 thoughts on “Book Review-Nuts by Alice Clayton

  1. I’ve been meaning to read Alice Clayton for a while now but I can’t seem to find a book of hers that interests me. Do you have any recommendations? I hear a lot about how funny her books are and how sexy!

  2. Yay! I was so hoping you’d like this one. 🙂 Clayton always puts her own unique spin on romantic comedies, that’s for sure. I had to giggle over the cover and even more so when my husband saw it and basically turned into a teenage boy saying “Nuts…” and guffawing over it again and again. (Men…LOL) Love your choice of Summer Nights to accompany this!

    1. Doesn’t she do such a fantastic job….I swear I wish more romances were like this. It reminded me of some of the older romances that had such wit to them that have somehow gotten lost. But Clayton has brought it all back for me. Your hubby though…that is hilarious but really, that is such a male reaction right?

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