Book Review-My Champion by Glynnis Campbell

Book Review-My Champion by Glynnis Campbell

Book Review-My Champion by Glynnis CampbellMy Champion by Glynnis Campbell
Series: Knights of de Ware #1
Published by Jove on December 1st 2000
Genres: Historical Romance, Nautical, Medieval Era
Pages: 341
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0515130486
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Wealthy and powerful, the de Wares are one of the most respected noble families in England. The heirs to the de Ware legacy—Duncan, Holden, and Garth—are true warriors...and reckless lovers...

Duncan de Ware has sworn to defend those who cannot defend themselves. So when the lovely Linet de Montfort publicly humiliates a notorious sea reiver, Duncan disguises himself as a gypsy and appoints himself her protector. Linet doesn't believe her life is in danger, nor does she wish to associate with a common peasant—no matter how handsome he is.

Impressed by Linet's courage as he is by her beauty, Duncan continues to shadow her despite her protests. But when the reiver abducts her. Linet realizes that her only hope may be to trust the mysterious gypsy with her life—and her heart...

My Champion is the first book in the de Ware’s trilogy by Glynnis Campbell. This trilogy is a bit older than some of her other books and I have enjoyed this author since reading one of her shorter stories in a anthology years ago and wanted to read more of her work. I have had My Champion on my kindle for quite some time and I realized that I needed to pick this one up and read it because I wanted something more refreshing and this book delivered that for sure. This was no fluffy regency….this was real, angsty, and full of frustration at times but I still liked it quite a bit.

The story starts off with our hero, Duncan de Ware, who is honorable and kind. He is always taking in strays or people in need of help. When he sees a lone woman, spite a spaniard and his wine, he knows how dangerous her situation is even if she doesn’t. So he decides he will be her protector until the danger has passed. But Linet doesn’t believe that there is any danger. She is proud of her heritage, and isn’t afraid to stand on her own feet. She doesn’t believe Duncan especially when he is just a “peasant” and doesn’t believe that she is in any kind of danger. But where she was selling her cloths of high value, her place during the special market for a couple weeks is destroyed she heads on home only to be kidnapped by a very dangerous man who wants to sell her to pimps. Duncan saves the day once again, but she still doesn’t see him more than a beggar. But soon the chemistry builds between them and Linet can’t deny what she feels for this “peasant” and when she learns the truth about who he really is, will her love change or be constant…

This was a story that for the most part I truly liked. I loved the historical aspects that come into play and I honestly felt like I was back in the medieval ages with honorable knights, and beautiful gowns. But I had one major issue that really took much of my enjoyment from the actual story…the heroine. Now I am not like most romance readers, I am not as picky on my heroines like some can be. I try to be more accepting of their faults, but Linet really rubbed me the wrong way. I just hated how she treated the hero here, it was just awful to see. The hero is such a good guy at heart. He is kind and generous. But Linet is always demeaning him, even slapping him when he doesn’t say anything wrong or acted out against her. She acts like a spoiled brat a lot of the time, and even after she admits that she loves him, keeps betraying him and hurting him. I just wanted to slap her myself because the way she acts is horrid. Now she eventually learns her lesson and redeems herself in the very end, but it wasn’t enough to honestly have me like her very much even in the end there. And even though the hero wasn’t always nice to her (which is understandable seeing how she acts towards him) the later half of the story just became too angsty at times. But I did enjoy the built up of the plot, and the ending was sweet and happy in the way I like. So not all of it was bad for me, just mostly the heroine’s character. I do plan on reading books 2 and 3 though, since I adored this de Ware family, they were so fun to read about here and I really want to learn more about them because their family dynamics just draw you in.

Overall My Champion is a historically authentic romance that has some thrilling plot points that keep you engaged and a passion hot romance that will give the reader some laughs and entertainment.


About Glynnis Campbell

Glynnis Campbell is a USA Today bestselling author of swashbuckling "medieval action-adventure romance," mostly set in Scotland, with over a dozen books published in six languages. A member of the Jewels of Historical Romance, she was once in an all-girl band on CBS Records, has done voiceovers for an MTV series, Diablo and Starcraft videogames, and various audiobooks, and is married to a rock star. She loves to transport readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well.

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  1. I still haven’t read any of her books. *hangs head* These older medieval books do usually catch my attention but I’m not sure about the bratty heroine…

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