Book Review-Love Me Forever

Book Review-Love Me ForeverLove Me Forever by Rosemary Laurey
Published by Kensington Books on 2010
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Pages: 328
Format: Paperback
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All single mother Stella Schwartz meant to do was let her son, Sam, browse through books at Dixie's Vampire Emporium. She hadn't counted on the shop assistant, Justin Corvis, being a dark-eyed super-hunk with the kind of charismatic English accent that would make her heart skip a beat. And she couldn't know how close to the truth that was. When Justin smiles at her, it's as if he's known her forever. And when he asks for her phone number - Stella can't help wanting the thrill to last for eternity. For there's something dangerously different about Justin Corvus...different and irresistible.


Love Me Forever starts out with Stella Schwartz a single mother, and stretched thin in order to provide for her young son. Living in her mothers house, in a dangerous area, Stella wishes they could move to a better environment, especially for her son. But she has no way at the moment. Close to Halloween, she takes her son shopping to a store for a costume, and the clerk is a handsome rogue, who is enticing, and starts to slowly court her, never knowing that he is a vampire. Justin Corvus, is a vampire and has been for centuries. Justin has fed from countless women and has bedded many as well, however he is entranced by Stella. For she is somewhat different, her scent beckons him to feast. However, he doubts that would be the best course of action. But when certain events occur, that will change the course of both their lives, they will both be tested as will their love that they hold for one another.

Love Me Forever is the first that I have read from this author, and I am so grateful I got this opportunity. Rosemary Laurey is one of my current favorite paranormal authors, especially in the Vampire Genre. This book came to me in E Book Format, and it did take me some time to read it, as I haven’t managed to get my hands on a Kindle, so I had to read from my computer. However despite the form I read it from, it was a sexy read. Justin Corvus although a vampire, is very old, and after seeing his best friend find happiness with a woman who once was a mortal, he craves to find such a love as well. When he meets Stella he never would have expected how much this woman and her son would change his life, Forever! This was such a fun and sassy read, and I am so glad that I got a hold of this one. As far as vampire romances, this one is at the top of my list, with Kerrelyn Sparks and Lynsay Sands, Rosemary Laurey is a riveting author, that portrays the plot and draws the reader in, where you can hardly put it down. So if you love the paranormal romance genre than this one is definitely for you, and I guarantee you will fall in love with this author as I have.

About Rosemary Laurey

USA Today Best-selling author Rosemary Laurey is an ex-pat Brit, retired special education teacher and grandmother who now lives in Ohio and has a wonderful time writing and letting her imagination run riot. Her hobbies are vacuuming, dusting and cleaning toilets but regrettably the demands of her writing career leave little time to engage in these pursuits.

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