Book Review-Kissing The Boss by Linda Kage

Book Review-Kissing The Boss by Linda Kage

Book Review-Kissing The Boss by Linda KageKissing the Boss by Linda Kage
Also in this series: Monster Among the Roses
Series: Fairy Tale Quartet #2
Published by Self Published By Author on March 2, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fairy Tales
Pages: 322
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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What’s the one thing you shouldn’t do when your boss is your ruthless evil widowed stepmother who hates your guts more than anyone?
Kiss the man she’s interested in.
So what does Kaitlynn Judge find herself doing?
Yep, she kisses the one man her stepmother currently wants, who also happens to be the CEO of the company where she works.
Can we say doomed?
After the death of her father, Kaitlynn's life has been stuck in a rut. But that begins to change after meeting a dashing stranger during the office Halloween party. Now she has to navigate vengeful stepmothers, meddling stepsiblings, and gorgeous guys in hot pursuit to reach her happily ever after.
While making a detour from the fantasy aspect, this contemporary take on the Cinderella story continues to cling to a few of our favorite traditions. You’ll still find the unmerited oppression along with fleeing women, missing shoes, mouse companions, magic wands, pumpkin-like rides to the big bash, and so much more. So rest assured, it’s all familiar and yet quirkily different.

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Kissing The Boss is the second book in the “Fairy Tale Quartet” and this is where the “Cinderella” retelling comes into play into the romance. Kissing The Boss is a book that I have LITERALLY had on my kindle for a LONG time haha I don’t know how long but I think I bought it back when it was published. As much as I love reading on my kindle, it can be so easy to forget about the books you have on your kindle, those digital bookshelves can be so difficult on our memories, or at least mine. So yes this was merely a book that I just forgot that I had and I adored book one and I was literally just looking for a book to read and didn’t know what I was in the mood for and just saw this one and was like, “this sounds like a keeper” and I really need to read it. And I am definitely wishing that I had read this book earlier because I really had a blast with this one here. I had forgotten how much I had loved this author and her writing style and how well it works for me.

Kissing The Boss is a lively romp of a contemporary romance that features:

  • Ezra-co CEO of a fashion company, driven, protective, successful and wealthy
  • Kaitlyn-daughter of the late CEO of Fashion Company, determined to get her company back, kind and generous, no mean bones in her body

Kissing The Boss is a story that takes on the Cinderella retelling, but with some differentiations. Kaitlyn lost her parents, but also lost the company that her father reared her to take over one day. She still doesn’t understand how her father could leave it to her stepmother. But unlike with the fairy tale telling, she has two step brothers who love her and aren’t mean to her like how cruel her stepmother actually is to her and I really loved seeing that. Seeing how they look out for her and really care for her and fight for her against their own mother and that loyalty is beautiful to see. Then enters the hero. Kaitlyn is dragged to the company party which is a masked costume party, and out in the garden she ends up coming across the big CEO Ezra (Nash) and there is a strong chemistry that erupts between them. They share a beautiful moment, but Kaitlyn doesn’t know how they could ever make it work. But Ezra refuses to let Kaitlyn go, and is willing to fight for them.

Kissing The Boss was a fantastic book and I just couldn’t put this one down. It was so entertaining, the humor and wit displayed in this story was superb in every way. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of what this book contains. I really loved this office romance, and I definitely think most people will enjoy this one even if you don’t like the power dynamics in some of them, because in this book he isn’t really her boss. She works in a different department, so that is where it works better for me. (of course you are talking to a reader that doesn’t mind power dynamics that much) so haha there is that. But I do think it’s a story that most will enjoy. There is a sense of forbidden (which is Linda Kage’s signature) she really likes to show how  a couple can overcome their situations. The stemother in the story is one piece of work though. She is scary at times, so I felt like Linda Kage really writes these type of villains so well. I just felt for the characters and most especially for Kaitlyn for having to deal with such a stepmother over the years. And her character was one that I really connected to. I just adored how kind and generous she is. She has been abused for years, but she doesn’t let that affect how she treats other people and I just love seeing her have such a beautiful soul.

The romance was so tender and captivating. I wanted these two to win so much and just fight back against the stepmother more but I understood why the heroine especially was so resistant. I think she knew how evil and manipulative she could be. I will be honest though my only reservation about the book that kept it from a 5 is the ending of the book. I really couldn’t stand how she treats the hero, almost like when everything is revealed, the hero is at fault almost and that just wasn’t the case. I didn’t understand what the heroine was actually doing there. Because our hero is GOLD, and he is going to make my top book boyfriend lists for the year. I just adored him so much, because he is perfect in every way. I love how he is with his family, how he fights for the heroine, and his character is kind and generous and sees to the needs of everyone under him in his company. He truly cares for his employees and that shows what his character is made of.

Overall I found Kissing The Boss to be a lively, endearing, laugh out loud romance that will delight its readers in its solid writing, beautiful emotion and a relatable characters guaranteed to charm your heart.

About Linda Kage

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now I live in Kansas with my husband, daughter, and our nine cuckoo clocks. My life's been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part my world, and I'm so happy to finally share some of my stories with other romance lovers.

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