Book Review-Kato by D.B. Reynolds

Book Review-Kato by D.B. Reynolds

I received this book for free from ImaJinn Books in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Kato by D.B. ReynoldsKato by D.B. Reynolds
Also in this series: Damian
Series: Stone Warriors #2
Published by ImaJinn Books on June 23rd 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 242
Format: eARC
Source: ImaJinn Books
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It was a time when gods walked the earth, when armies fought not for bits of land, but for the very existence of humanity. On such a battlefield, five formidable warriors stood against an evil greater than any the earth had ever seen. But evil is not an honorable foe. Betrayed by someone they trusted, the warriors were cursed, one by one, tossed into the maelstrom of time, imprisoned in stone, their freedom resting on nearly impossible conditions. Until...

Kato Amadi...born of darkest sorcery, unstoppable on the battlefield, his magic is as deadly as his blade. But not even magic could save him from vicious betrayal. Trapped for millennia in darkness and silence, he is freed at last, only to find himself in the middle of a battle against the very beasts of hell he was created to destroy.

Grace Van Allen is a scholar of ancient languages who toils in the dim recesses of a museum basement with only a beautiful stone warrior to keep her company. But when Grace calls upon her silent warrior to help her translate an obscure new language, she breaks the ancient curse holding him prisoner...and frees three deadly demons to rampage through her city.

Tracking demons is what Kato was born to do, but he’ll need Grace’s help. And when they discover that Kato’s enemy is still alive and still plotting against him, their hunt takes a dangerous turn, one that might just prove fatal for both of them...

Kato is a book that I have been pretty eager to grab up ever since reading the first book “Damian”. This series is about five warriors, who united many years previous to fight against a great evil. But then they were all betrayed and were magically turned into stone warriors. In this story our warrior is Kato, who had been cursed by his mothers genes who was a evil witch. He is a honorable fighter, and brother and this is his story.

In this book, however we see a hero just wanting to be free. When his statue is brought into a museum, a young woman is working on a translation. And when she “asks” for help, he is set free only to save her from a demon that she accidently unleashes. This chain of events has Kato and Grace working together, as they try to narrow down the search for demons that have been cropping up accidentally. Kato and Grace are a wonderful couple together and they balance each other out. Kato, is a man of brawn. He is smart but in other ways. However our heroine, Grace is really intelligent. I loved her brain, she is quick witted and thinks on her feet. She did some time with the military, so she knows her way around weapons as well and isn’t afraid to defend herself or anyone else she cares about. I loved that she wa a fighter, of course, with D.B. Reynolds, you just can expect her to write this style of heroine as well.

There was so much to love about Kato. Now I will admit that these books aren’t my favorite from this author, I do think her vampire series is the best. However there is something unique about this series. These warriors are so sexy and strong, but also make great lovers and partners for their women they fall for. I really admired Kato so much. He has been mocked all of his life about his mother’s evil deeds and the fact that he isn’t the most intellectual man on the block. But he is courageous and kind too. And there is also a strong bond between Kato and his brothers. Just to see him reunited with Damien and Nick again, just about brought a tear to my eye. Honestly, these sweet moments really balanced out the suspenseful elements that are a strong focus in this story. The romance that builds between Kato and Grace is fully loaded. They make a great fighting team of course, and their minds just work so well together. But there is also a sizzling bond between them that builds in this book, a bond that is both fierce and passionate and sweet and loving too. I just couldn’t get enough and boy I just can’t wait for Nick’s story. He is such a great leader and friend and we see so many good things about him even if he likes to be in control of every situation.

Overall Kato is a story that brings more to this world, a book of danger and intrigue, of evil demons and tricks, of good overcoming evil and a passionate love story that leaves the reader breathless!!

About D.B. Reynolds

D.B.Reynolds is the award-winning author of the popular Vampires in America series, as well as other paranormal fiction. She lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she's not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else's.

5 thoughts on “Book Review-Kato by D.B. Reynolds

  1. OH HIIII. This definitely sounds like a book for me. I can never resist a book featuring a warrior (or a series featuring multiple warriors). Even better when the heroine is a healer (you know me and my obsession with warrior/healer medieval ish romances!), but it’s also cool when she is a warrior/fighter too. I’m so glad you enjoyed this book, Renee!

    Have a lovely week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. I remember seeing your review for Damian and thinking I needed to check the series out. So happy to hear you liked Kato as well! It sounds like a great read. 🙂

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