Book Review-His Wicked Ways

Book Review-His Wicked WaysHis Wicked Ways by Samantha James
Published by Harper Collins on March 17th 2009
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback

From across the Scottish Highlands strides Cameron McKay, the last member of the once powerful Clan MacKay. Handsome, fearless, and determined, he is a man who catches the eye of many a woman.. yet he has but one goal--to find Meredith, last daughter of the Clan Munro..and force her to provide him with an heir. When Cameron MacKay kidnaps Meredith from the gentle confines of the priory where she has sought refuge, he discovers that he is powerless to resist her tender beauty and is captivated by her bold bargaining for her freedom. And although she is the precious daughter of his sworn enemy, Cameron finds himself tempted to abandon his quest to bend her to his will.Meredith had vowed long ago never to trust any man..for men and their ways cause pain to those they love. Her head told her not to give in to the dangerous desire she felt for Cameron; but her heart hoped that he had finally abandoned his wicked ways...

When Cameron MacKay, his brothers, and his father are ambushed by what they think are the Munro Clan, Cameron vows vengence. Having losing his father and his brother, he is Laird of his clan now, and knows that he has to strike a blow to the one that deceived him and his brothers. So he plans on kidnapping the young beautiful daughter who is in the priory and has been for some time. When Meredith is attacked and having not knowing the culprit, she enters the priory, not knowing who to trust in her own home. But then she is kidnapped by Cameron MacKay and having a viotile personality, she has great fear of the one that holds her life in the palm of his hand. Cameron blaming Meredith’s father for his families death, he wants him to suffer a small portion of the way he is suffering. So he plans a way for it to look like Meredith has died, and since she is his only daughter, he knows it is the perfect way. However he hardly knows what to do now, that he has Meredith, all he knows is that she unlike any other woman he has known. She entices and captivates his attention, and he goes about to defending her to his clan. Time goes by, and before Cameron realizes it he finds a tender response that he feels toward the one he once saw as his enemy, he now wants as his lover and the mother of his future child. Throughout this book there is a tender love story that will break down the harden walls of Cameron’s heart and show him the meaning of true love.

I really have enjoyed reading this, and the more that I read of Samantha James, the more I love her!!! She has such  a way with her writing, that captures the attention of her readers, where she definitely has won a place on my bookshelves of books to keep. I found Meredith having such a inner strength, that I found endearing. Even though she is taken into the Clan of MacKay, who despise her at first, she eventually finds a way to make friends, and really connect with those that viewed her once as a most hated enemy. Cameron is a bitter man who hates the Munroe Clan, and for good reason. However it was interesting seeing him soften up his heart toward Meredith, who is a loving and gentle woman who doesn’t understand the hatred that is directed to her and those that she loves. I found it to be a very compelling story that pulled at my heart strings, from beginning to end I found it to be a very vivid story.

About Samantha James

Growing up in Joliet, Illinois, Samantha James had many childhood aspirations--being a writer was never one of them. When she was ten, she was certain she was destined to be an astronomer. That soon changed (happened a lot during those pre-teen years!) when she decided archaeology was in her future. Detective work was her next goal, thanks to the Trixie Belden mysteries she was reading, and before long, nursing beckoned (courtesy of the Cherry Ames series). In college, she set her sights on teaching history, then briefly entertained the notion of becoming a flight attendant, only to discover she did not like to fly.

Having been raised in a family of avid readers, she was rarely without a book in hand. Her tastes were rather eclectic. She got hooked on the Doc Savage series and Edgar Rice Burroughs after her older brother finished them, in her teen years, moved on to Agatha Christie, Daphne DuMaurier, and Phyllis A. Whitney.

In the meantime, the right guy came along. They met on a semi-blind date at an office Christmas party. She was told he wanted to go out with her, and he was told she wanted to go out with him. Six months later, the U.S. Army shipped him off to Germany--and she wrote faithfully at least three times a week--she often jokes this was the start of her writing career!

Marriage followed, as well as three daughters. Samantha left the detective work to her husband and turned her attention to raising their girls. When her youngest was six months old, two things happened: 1) she read Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain and scrambled to find every historical romance she could lay her hands on; 2) her older brother revealed he was writing and submitting his short stories to big-name magazines. As he put it, "I've been rejected by the best of 'em."

The seed was planted. Rejection was a dreaded word, but Samantha figured, "Well, if he can take it, so can I."

That summer, she wrote not one book, but three--longhand, in a notebook, during naptime. Bedtime. Any time she could. The burning desire to write was a long time in coming--she was nearing thirty by then--but she discovered that once she set pen to paper, she couldn't stop.

Those three manuscripts did get the dreaded rejection letter (they're still languishing somewhere in her attic), but she finally hit pay dirt with her fourth. Samantha's brother promptly proposed collaborating on a fantasy together--alas, still unwritten... Nowadays, she's firmly convinced she's the queen of rejected titles for her books. She's only managed to retain two original titles thus far, but writing is indeed a dream come true...

To date, her books have been published in numerous foreign countries (her daughters' number one choice for show-and-tell were always the foreign editions of Mom's books). Known for her heartfelt, emotionally charged "three-hanky reads", her books have been nominated for numerous awards, and have consistently hit the bestseller lists.

Maybe someday she'll do that fantasy-romance collaboration with her brother. For now, she's having a great time spinning dramatic, passionate tales of old...

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