Book Review-Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter

Book Review-Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter

Book Review-Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. DemeterBeauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter
Series: Fairy Tale Retellings #1
on March 15th 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Fairy Tales, Gothic
Pages: 342
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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Experience the world’s most enchanting and timeless love story—retold with a dark and realistic twist.
Reclusive and severely scarred Prince Adam Delacroix has remained hidden inside a secluded, decrepit castle ever since he witnessed his family’s brutal massacre. Cloaked in shadow, with only the lamentations of past ghosts for company, he has abandoned all hope, allowing the world to believe he died on that tragic eve twenty-five years ago.
Caught in a fierce snowstorm, beautiful and strong-willed Isabelle Rose seeks shelter at a castle—unaware that its beastly and disfigured master is much more than he appears to be. When he imprisons her gravely ill and blind father, she bravely offers herself in his place.
Stripped of his emotional defenses, Adam’s humanity reawakens as he encounters a kindred soul in Isabelle. Together they will wade through darkness and discover beauty and passion in the most unlikely of places. But when a monster from Isabelle’s former life threatens their new love, Demrov’s forgotten prince must emerge from his shadows and face the world once more…
Perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the Opera, Beauty of the Beast brings a familiar and well-loved fairy tale to life with a rich setting in the kingdom of Demrov and a captivating, Gothic voice.
* * *
Beauty of the Beast is the first standalone installment in a series of classic fairy tales reimagined with a dark and realistic twist.
Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: This is an edgy, historical romance retelling of the classic fairy tale. Due to strong sexual content, profanity, and dark subject matter, including an instance of sexual assault committed by the villain, Beauty of the Beast is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Prince Adam Delacroix scarred and hidden away in his castle, with only a faithful dog as his companion lives a lonely existence still haunted by the memories of his past, a painful one that still haunts him day and night with only his music to comfort him. Isabelle Rose never thought her life would turn out the way it has. Isabelle is in a desperate situation. Her father is very ill, her step sisters are cruel and she finds herself engaged to a beast of a man that is cruel and will treat her only worse if she marries him. She feels trapped and has no way of getting out. But there is one last chance, a final trip with her father. But when her father ends up sick and in need of a place to stay the night, she asks for sanctuary never thinking that she would be trading a prison for another. When her father dies from his sickness, Isabelle already made a devil’s bargain. However Adam is not what he seems to be, there is a man of compassion and depth that she discovers and she finds herself falling in love with a scarred and tortured man who seems to need her….

The Hero

Adam Delacroix grew up in a loving home with parents who played with him but then their own servants turned on them and killed his parents in front of him and while trying to save his infant sister ended up burned and Adam lost everything on that fateful and painful night where he lost his family and everything he loved. Adam is a man that is still tortured from the demons of his past. He still bears the nightmares even after twenty five years since that painful time. Adam has a tough exterior but beneath that barrier he has built up, he still has a soft and kind heart. Adam is a hero that is rough around the edges but soft and sweet on the inside.

Being here with you, Isabelle…it feels like everything in my life has led to this moment. All of my losses and heartaches. Everything. They have all brought me to you. And for that, I can regret nothing.

The Heroine

Isabelle is a woman of compassion and a kind heart. She is a beautiful woman but tends to draw the eye of the good and bad in town. She is a lover of books and nature. She adores her father and will do anything for his health even if that means marrying a man she couldn’t ever love. Isabelle hasn’t had the easiest time of it either but has still known affection and love from her father who is her best friend in many ways. Isabelle was such a likable and endearing character, and instantly you just admire her. You want her to “win the day”. I really admired how devoted she was to her family even her step sisters who didn’t like her but Isabelle isn’t a character to be so harsh in her judgments and I loved her sweet natured spirit be strong and firm when it counted.

Plot and Story Line

Beauty of the Beast is the first of a new series by this author, but this is also the first time I have picked up this author and it was simply wonderful reading this book. I picked this up right after watching the new movie “Beauty and the Beast” and in many ways it fits the fairy tale, but it does have a more gothic like quality to the story so it is a bit edgier and is written for an “adult audience” for sure. There are some scenes that won’t be easy for everyone, especially with our villain Raphael. Now first off Raphael, is a character you can understand why he is the way he is but you won’t like him at all. He was truly horrible especially in how he treats the heroine. In many ways this story has a mix of elements. It has a strong connection to “Beauty and the Beast” of course but also some similarities with Phantom of the Opera. This story was heart breaking at times especially when it comes to our hero Adam. I believe he was only 11 years old when the attack on his family happened, so he has been alone ever since with little human contact except one of his family’s servants who remained faithful to him. We see how he slowly changes from a man who is bitter and haunted by his past when he meets our heroine who is kind and lovely. At first she fears Adam because of his scars and his temper at times. But pretty quickly she sees something more to him.

Adam was a flesh-and-blood enigma, a beautiful master that she ached to unravel. His music was enough to leave her breathless- and his refined mannerisms and the innate way he held and asserted himself reaffirmed that cultured upbringing

I truly enjoyed seeing their ups and downs….the drama and the revelations, the way these two just bond in little ways that make their relationship more vibrant. It has a very sensual tone to the romance and I loved the way these two resolve their differences and learn to trust in each other. Its a tale the reader can become fully invested in very easily and you won’t want to put this “tugs at the heartstrings” romance down. What makes this truly unique and timeless is how close it stays to the fairy tale but has a more ‘realistic’ tone to it.

The Cover

oh I just love this cover, and displays the tone of the story so well. I love the dark hues with the blues and then the red roses that crop up.

Overall View

Beauty of the Beast is a majestic and heart-achingly sweet romance that gives a real take on a classic fairy tale—sensual and stimulating, a romance that will capture its readers hearts. BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED!!

This is my home now. I love you, Prince Adam Delacroix–heart, body and soul. Wherever you go, that is my home

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About Rachel L. Demeter

I live in the beautiful hills of Anaheim, California with Teddy, my goofy lowland sheepdog, and my high school sweetheart of fourteen wonderful years. I enjoy writing poignant romances that challenge the reader’s emotions and explore the redeeming power of love. My stories are darker than most traditional romance novels and contain a distinct Gothic flavor.

Imagining dynamic worlds and characters has been my passion for longer than I can remember. Before learning how to read or write, I would dictate stories while my mom would jot them down for me. I hold a special affinity for the tortured hero and unconventional romances. Whether crafting the protagonist or antagonist, I ensure every character is given a soul.

I endeavor to defy conventions by blending elements of romance, suspense, and horror. Some themes my stories never stray too far from: forbidden romance, soul mates, the power of love to redeem, mend all wounds, and triumph over darkness.

My dream is to move readers and leave an emotional impact through my words. ♥

21 thoughts on “Book Review-Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter

    1. oh sorry to hear this didn’t work for you earlier. I did enjoy this one quite a bit, but then I have such a soft spot for retellings and I liked how closely it matches with Beauty and the Beast. And I do love those more gothic tones, they are rare to find. Hope you enjoy it this time 🙂

      1. I love retellings just getting SO many copies of this one drove me insane. I know there were two revisions I wasn’t sent as well after the one I got. Frustrating to say the least. I’m glad the actual story went well for you. Hoping I can get past my annoyance and finish it.

  1. I’m such a sucker for a good Beauty & The Beast retelling. And those rough around the edges heroes who are total sweethearts are my kryptonite, so totally adding this to my TBR!

  2. This sounds great! I like the fact that the villian sounds horrible. I love it when I can really hate the bad guy. I have seen a lot of really good reviews for this one. I am definitely interested.

  3. Definitely will be checking this out. I’ve seen a lot of good things about it–and hearing the phrase ‘tugs at the heartstrings’? Sold!

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