Book Review-A Little Bit Wicked

Book Review-A Little Bit WickedA Little Bit Wicked (Last Man Standing, #1) by Victoria Alexander
Series: Last Man Standing #1
Published by Avon on December 26th 2006
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 359
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 006088262X
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Who will be the last unmarried man standing?No man in his right mind would want to get married, but every duke, earl, and viscount knows that a fellow must do his duty in the end. So four of London's most desirable gentlemen make a wager—the prize going to the one who remains unwed the longest.Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Warton, thinks he has a fair shot at winning. After all, he's managed to enjoy the favors of many a lady while resisting the parson's noose. Even when he's stopped dead in his tracks by the most scandalous woman in all of London—Judith, Lady Chester—he vows to have her bedded but never wedded.Beautiful, and more than a little bit naughty, Judith has always kept herself within the bounds of respectability, even while playing by her own rules. And the experience has taught her to avoid marriage. She has no desire to resist Warton's hot kisses, and his tempting touch is impossible to ignore.But soon both Judith and Gideon can't help but wonder . . . is it possible to be a little bit wicked and still follow your heart?

In A Little Bit Wicked, Judith, Lady Chester has always had a taste for the little pleasures in life, but still lives on the edge of respectability. Judith is beautiful, practical and enjoys life to its fullest. Judith comes across Gideon, Viscount Warton, and a simmering desire between them escalates to burning passion, for these two that are only looking for a lover, and no commitment. However what began has a intimate relationship with no love or affection, gradually turns into a adventure  where love is the key to unlocking both of their hearts and learning to trust in each other and themselves…

The Hero (Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Warton)
Gideon, appears to society to be arrogant and superior, and has a scandalous past, where after he fell in love and had his heart broken, he changed that he gamble, was drunk more often than not, and had more women than he could count, until he was saved by his small circle of friends, who have always been there for him. Now he has changed, and is more respectable, but isn’t anxious for the shackles of marriage. But when he enters into a intimate relationship with Judith, things for him starts to change, and the ice around his heart melts, and he starts losing his heart to her.

The Heroine (Judith, Lady Chester)
Judith, is thirty years old, and a widow, and has lived on the edges of respectability, yet craves passion. Judith once loved when she was married for three years, but after his death she has never let herself loved before. In her past affairs, they would only last a month or so before her feelings and her heart would get involved. However with Gideon, things are different for her, before she realizes it she has fallen in love with him, and has a fear of trusting herself to love again…

My Thoughts 
A Little Bit Wicked is the first installment in the Last Man Standing series by Victoria Alexander. This series is about four men that are close friends, and have made a wager on who is the last one to get married, since none of them desire the shackles of matrimony. Which I have read books from this author, however this is my favorite series other then the Effington series. The only complaint that I have is the heroine character, especially throughout the beginning of the story, she is more distanced and closed off from her emotions, and I found I enjoyed the Gideon’s character more. Both characters suffer from pain in their past, but he is more open to her than she is to him. However This is a story where both of the main characters, are afraid to love again, but is a journey of self discovery and also a tender love story.Overall a wonderful love story…..and  A MOST DELICIOUS READ!!!

My Favorite Quote
“When I gazed into the blue of your eyes, I felt something quite remarkable. As though I wasn’t merely looking into your eyes but peering into your very soul. And it touched mine.” his breath caught “And made me whole”

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