Book Love (63) Clay

From bestselling author Ana Leigh comes the first in a dazzling new series, as the rugged Fraser men find love and passion in the Wild West.When Yankee beauty Rebecca Elliot discovers that single women aren’t allowed on the wagon train bound for California, she takes desperate measures. Spying handsome Clay Fraser, she puts her flirty plan into action and wakes, the next morning, with a wedding band on her finger.

Clay Fraser, a former Confederate soldier, is horrified to discover that he somehow got married last night — and worse, to a Yankee. Worst of all, his new wife refuses to share his bed Sparks fly and attraction burns as the wagon train heads west, but it will take a love as expansive as the Western sky to show Rebecca and Clay how to claim the passionate new life that is their destiny…

Why Clay?

I love this wagon train themed romance…Ana Leigh is brilliant, and this book is fantastic. Its creative, witty and down to earth romantic. The characters that we are introduced to here, are endearing and you never can get enough. A Highly recommend this, since this is a highly underrated author and had to do a shout out for this one.

7 thoughts on “Book Love (63) Clay

  1. Nice! I haven’t read a “wagon train” Western in a long time. And I’m sure the Confederate vs. Yankee match up creates some interesting tension. I’ll be checking this one out!

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