Book Love (7) Silver Angel

Welcome to another Book Love day!!! A Feature on Addicted To Romance that promotes those underrated books that I loved!


Silver AngelKidnapped and sold into slavery, Chantelle Burke was led into the Pasha’s scented chambers swearing she’d never surrender to this ruthless master. But she was stunned by the magnificently handsome man who awaited her amid the silk and splendor. His piercing emerald eyes held her in their power; his muscular embrace made her weak with desire even as she defied him. She was his to do with as he would. Yet this mysterious stranger – whose eastern garb concealed his true identity – touched her only with tenderness, driving her wild with new sensation, his scorching kisses igniting the fires of her very soul… and sweeping her beyond the harem walls into a palace of love’s eternal dream.

Why Silver Angel?

Well many reasons to be honest….but as I look back on those books that I loved and re read multiple times….Silver Angel would top my list. I can’t count the times that I have read this book over the years…it is one of my favorites from this author. And she does have some fabulous ones….but when it comes to writing a sensual and tender harem romance…this one is my favorite. I have read quite a few harem themed romances and this is my favorite. For one our hero is posing as his brother (the real leader of the harem), but he is truly British just trying to save his twin’s life. So I really commend him on that one. The heroine was kidnapped from England, and sold into slavery and bought into the harem. She is spirited but she also is wise enough to know when she needs to keep her mouth shut because if she crosses the line it could mean a severe beating or her very life. I loved her inner strength and her resilience. There is no cheating at all which is pretty impressive considering the politics of a harem being run. I loved these two together and Lindsey does a great job with the details of the surroundings and the historic context as well. There is some angst but not truly high. I loved the balance the author introduces with having some great romantic moments and those poignant special times that makes you just sigh. Highly recommend.

14 thoughts on “Book Love (7) Silver Angel

    1. oh they can be fun and unique and definitely different from your average regency read!! There is some great character growth and fun antics and some mystery and suspense too. But Lindsey is one of the best historical authors….she always does great research when writing a book so its great to see evidence of that in this one. Hope you enjoy it if you pick it up. Let me know when you do….I would be interested to see what you think of it.

  1. Wow a book you re-read so many times you lost count, that must be a good book. To be honest I am not much of a re-reader, although there are a few books I’ve re-read once and Harry Potter a few more times than that as I didn’t have enough books to read back then, so I just re-read the books I loved. I don’t think I have ever read a harem romance, but the plot of this one sounds interesting.

    1. they are fun to read. They were super popular to read when I first got hooked into reading romances so I get swept away with them. Lindsey is a fabulous writer, and she has books on just about every sub genre in historical romance but she is very realistic in her stories. So they aren’t easy and light hearted romances all of the time. But she displays great humor and authentically real historical details that sets up the story very nicely. I do love this one and has many fun elements.

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