Book Love (53) A Pirate’s Wife For Me

Caitlin MacLean of Scotland is proud to announce her graduation from The Distinguished Academy of Governesses. She specializes in the womanly arts of housekeeping, picking locks, and overthrowing ruthless dictators, and looks forward to attaining a position wherein she can utilize these skills. No dashing, dastardly pirates or faithless, former lovers need seek her services.

Ship’s captain (and prince in disguise) Taran Tamson is by coincidence in need of the best lockpick in the land; he wants the reckless auburn-haired beauty to retrieve the papers that will help him leave behind his swashbuckling ways and win back his island kingdom of Cenorina. So he assures said lady that he will honor her demand for a proper, chaste relationship for as long as she desires it, then uses his every sensual wile to make sure she desires only one thing — him…

Why A Pirate’s Wife For Me?

This was such a fun book to read, and like typical Christina Dodd I fell in love with the story pretty quickly. This is a second chance romance, we see flashbacks to get the sense of the previous sense of their relationship and then to see them reconnect again and yeah its not a easy road for them. They are working together to bring down a common enemy, and they have some issues to work out and it was quite an adventure seeing the way this story unravels. And the supporting cast of characters are such fun too, Taran’s crew are hilarious and loved their bantering. A solid pirate themed romance.