Book Love (43) Another Chance To Dream

From Lynn Kurland, the New York Times bestselling author of the Nine Kingdom series.

Alexander Smith had found success in the world of corporate takeovers—but not happiness. That had always escaped him…along with true love. Then, at the MacLeod Keep in Scotland, he found a pirate map that miraculously answered his yearnings—with a journey to another time. And when he was captured in Medieval England by Margaret of Falconberg, a fierce beauty hidden in knight’s armor, he rediscovered his own chivalrous—and passionate—heart…

Why I LOVE The Very Thought Of You?

There is so much I adore about this book, and Kurland has done a fabulous job in writing a forbidden romance that pulls you right in and fighting for this couple. Now it does have some delicate circumstances and I have found that this author handled it just the right way. I love the history, the sweet love story of a knight and his lady.

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