Book Love (29) Her Secret Guardian by Linda Needham


Her Secret GuardianA SUDDEN MARRIAGE
The stranger is huge–dark and forbidding. But to honor a deathbed promise to her foster father, Kailey Hewett must marry Simon de Marchand, the king’s sheriff, an intimidating mystery of a man. As they ride away from her home and all she holds dear, Kailey wonders how she can keep her pledge to give this stern man his “heart’s ease”–but she vows to create a new family, no matter what it takes.

This marriage was supposed to be final reparation for his part in her father’s long-ago death–nothing more. But as Kailey’s generous heart causes her to gather a “family” of endearing misfits around them, Simon unexpectedly finds the walls of his own heart slowly crumbling. By his own harsh sense of justice, though, Simon can never allow himself to accept what he most wants, but believes he doesn’t deserve–and the love Kailey offers so freely becomes as much a torture as a pleasure. But as the small, lion-hearted woman whips the huge, stunningly resistant man into an acceptance of love, he finally learns that mercy is as important as justice–and love and forgiveness can heal all.

Why Her Secret Guardian? 

This was such a wonderful book, I read it a few months back and had a fun time. Linda Needham is a talented author, and is highly underrated!! I loved the history that is displayed in this book. We see a side of the ways that laws were enforced—some heartwarming misfits with a heroine that is spirited and a hero that has no clue how to handle her and is in over his head!!

3 thoughts on “Book Love (29) Her Secret Guardian by Linda Needham

  1. I would definitely give this one a try after reading that blurb. Thanks for sharing, Renee!

    Oh, and love seeing ‘Jake’ and ‘Miranda’ as your blooming couple. 🙂

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