Book Love (3) Texas Glory

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Cordelia McQueen was a virtual prisoner in her father’s house. Until everything changed when she was shamelessly traded in a battle for land and water rights, and thrust into an unfamiliar world as the bride of Dallas Leigh.


Dallas had given his life to the land. Now he aimed to put West Texas on the map. But as he gazed into the eyes of the lovely stranger who belonged to him, he caught a glimpse of another ambition—a warm, radiant desire of the heart. Was this the woman who would walk beside him as, together, they carved out a rich future with all the promise of love?

Why Texas Glory? 

If I were to pick a western that is poignant, romantic and spell binding…Texas Glory would be my top pick!! I don’t know many that have even read this book. Which is so sad to me, because its a personal favorite and I can’t even count the times I have re-read this one. What makes this story so special is the love story. Dallas and Delia are two characters that are complete opposites from the beginning (literally) they are like oil and water. Delia is very shy, her father has been abusive and has never even been let outside hardly. Dallas is rich and intelligent, suffering from the aftereffects of the civil war and all he wants is to have a son. So he offers a deal with his neighbor and enemy, Delia’s father. A truce if they get married and have a son. It takes a while for these two to even get comfortable with each other, a few misunderstandings, but this Leigh family welcomes Delia with open arms. Delia starts to realize that Dallas isn’t her father, and this story turns out to be emotional and riveting. You see how much trust and loyalty really matter when it comes to love and that not everyone Lorraine Heath is an amazing author, and this is one of the best romances I have ever read. If you haven’t read this, buy it and read it!!!

7 thoughts on “Book Love (3) Texas Glory

  1. This is a new one to me, never heard of this book before. I like how you feature books here that I haven’t heard fo before. And I enjoy romances where the characters start out as opposites and then later you realize how much they have in common and how good they are for each other.

  2. I love this book! After reading Texas Destiny, I wasn’t sure about Dallas’s character, but I fell in love with him in this book. And I really admired Delia’s ability to overcome her fears and get what she wanted. I definitely am going to re-read this series sometime soon.

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