Book Love (27) A Marriage Wager

The Marriage WagerIn a world where love was always a gamble, they meant to beat the odds

No longer in the first blush of youth and without a marriage portion, Miss Constance Woodley could scarcely imagine why one of the leading lights of London society should take an interest in the likes of her. But under her benefactor’s guiding hand she was transformed into a captivating creature who caught the eye of the handsome, charming and ever-so-slightly notorious Lord Dominic Leighton. And before the shocked eyes of the entire Ton, the “nobody” and the rakish viscount showed that even in the heartless world of the marriage mart, when love was at stake, all bets were off . . .

Why The Marriage Wager?ย 

This book I read years ago, I had boughten in on a whim at B&N not knowing what to expect, since it was my first book to read from Candace Camp. And I loved it…it was so good. It deals with two people that meet and have a instant connection. This story does have a bit of a Cinderella twist to it! I think what I enjoyed the most was seeing the way this story plays out in the end and seeing a a good conflict that this pair faces and come out on top in the end!! Definitely a story to watch out for.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed Candace Camp but haven’t read this one. Love the sound of the instant connection! I’ll be checking it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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