Book Love (24) The Crimson Lady


The Crimson Lady 2Every man in England wanted her… She was called ” the Crimson Lady.” But Fiona Byrne wants no part of the notorious life she was compelled to lead, adopting instead the disguise of a simple seamstress. Then she is discovered by Braedan de Cantor, a desperate and daring stranger who threatens to expose her. Never has there been one so dangerous to the peaceful life she’ d fought to achieve. But the greatest peril of all lies deep in her heart. One man would have her…

Robbed of his good name and fortune, and cast among England’ s criminals, he sought the legendary lady outlaw to save his sister. But the many tales of her extraordinary beauty and cunning did not do the Crimson Lady justice, and Braedan soon finds himself falling under her enchantment, even as he forces Fiona to re-enter the dark world she dreads. And though danger beyond reasoning awaits them, he will let no harm befall the passionate, incomparable woman who now so completely captivates his heart and his soul… and offers them both a future more magnificent than either dared to imagine.


This was such a fantastic book when I discovered it many years ago!! It was one of the first romances I read that first year after I fell in love with adult romance fiction. Mary Reed McCall is a talented author, and she did great with this outlaw romance. The chemistry between these two is fantastic and loved the way these two together. They have some fun antics that were highly entertaining. So if you are looking for something different than the typical modern historical romance…pick this one up.

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    1. This is an older author, and she hasn’t written anything in years but I have always enjoyed her books. I do like the cover, the colors are so bold and daring and really reflect the tone of the story. But then you know me…I like just about every romance cover out there *grins*

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