Book Love (13) The Mackenzies: Zach


Zack-LeighRugged Zach MacKenzie has a dangerous secret that could cost him his one chance to win the woman he wants…

Rose Dubois became a Harvey Girl and came West looking for a new life and a husband – preferably a wealthy rancher. She certainly knows better than to get involved with a no-account cowboy like Zach MacKenzie. He’s strong and good-looking enough to stop a girl’s breath – but the dangerous ruffians he runs with are surely heading for bad ends. So why can’t Rose calm her pounding heart whenever he’s nearby?

But Zach’s only pretending to be no good in order to infiltrate an outlaw gang. If he tells Rose he’s really a Texas Ranger, not only is his mission in jeopardy, but both of their lives as well! Yet this spirited filly is everything he ever dreamed of. Her lips are downright irresistible, and her passionate fire burns hot enough to make a smart man do something real stupid … like fall in love.


Why Mackenzies: Zack 

This is a fantastic romance, and this author is one of my favorite when reading western historical’s. This is a story mixes a bit of mystery, espionage and a bad boy romance you can’t get enough of. This is such a wonderful book, well written and this author’s writing style is so engaging. I had the hardest time putting this one down, Ana Leigh has a wonderful way in creating a captivating story. The set up of the story is wonderful, a texas ranger posing as part of a outlaw gang—not used hardly at all in western romances. I love the secret identity trope we have here, and both characters are full of many facets that keeps you fully active in the story. What also is wonderful is seeing more of the Mackenzie clan. I can’t get enough of them all!! Fully lively, rowdy and entertaining. Definite a must for any western romance lover.

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    1. yeah it is old school, but I love them. They are different from the modern ones, but I think I like them just as much though. I fell in love with the old school style first so I have a weakness for them.

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