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Say You Love MeLeft penniless and in dire straits, Kelsey Langton realizes that only by allowing herself to be sold at auction can she rescue her sister’s future. So the proud, desperate lady enters the infamous House of Eros, resigned to becoming some well-heeled gentleman’s plaything — and Lord Derek Malory is the highest bidder for Kelsey’s charms.

A handsome and irredeemable scoundrel, Derek soon draws the sensuous, unsuspecting maiden into a world of unparalleled pleasures and dangerous rivalries. But Kelsey knows she must always guard the secret of her highborn past — even as her grace, spirit, and beauty entice her new “master” to renounce his scandalous ways and take a gamble on true love.


Why Say You Love Me? 

I will say that this is one of my favorites from Johanna Lindsey. This Malory series is pretty fantastic, especially the earlier books. This is Derek’s story. Now I love Derek, he is a beta hero, not as alpha as some of his uncles. And those you have read this series know exactly what I am talking about hehe I have never read a story quite like this. Set in the regency period. Kelsey is part of the Ton as well, but when her uncle and guardian’s debts become too high. She is forced to auction herself off to the highest bidder (not a fan of her uncle). Derek is there at the bidding, but when he sees another man who is also bidding on Kelsey (a man that should be shot for his sins) Derek bids on her…a very very large amount. Derek and Kelsey have great chemistry, and despite their relationship being purely sexual. Its definitely more than that, even from the beginning. I loved this book so much. Its engaging, witty, mystery and some danger and full of charming characters including plentiful antics from his rowdy family.

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  1. Still haven’t read her stuff yet. This one reminds me of another book I read years ago by a different author. Interesting scenario. And yeah, her uncle needs to be shot for putting her in such a position that she felt she had to do this.

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