At A Glance: The Quickie Month of Love

What a month of love it has been right y’all??!! I swear that February is always the one month that goes by the fastest and I swear it just flew right by. I actually had a pretty solid month actually, except for being behind on reviews which only happens when I read too much. I have been loving Audible’s romance package, and with my job I can pretty much listen to audiobooks all day, and its wonderful. So if I happen to overload my site with reviews, I am sorry but you all with just have to deal hehe Because I keep reading so many goodies and I can’t stop myself from reading. Now as for the blog, I am SO Busy y’all but I am loving it. Every spare moment I am working on the Happy Ever After Database so I can be done by summertime *crossing fingers*. So if I am not commenting as much I am really really sorry because I am missing coming by to all of your sites, but I really only have time to visit 5-10 a day since all my spare time is doing reviews, posts and my database. But I do make an effort that if you stop by my place I will make sure I WILL visit you as well. Hopefully I can be done pretty soon and things will get back to normal. It would be nice if I didn’t have to sleep or work or exercise. I am still going strong with eating healthy though and working out. I will be switching from Weight Watchers, to the BBG meal plan and a bit of Skinny Taste meals. I am trying to be better at cutting out my sugar intake. I did watch some great movies this month. I did see Jumanji and Fifty Shades which were both enjoyable but I had some issues with both. Still planning on seeing Black Panther soon though, I love how diverse the characters are.

The only challenge is my Goodreads reading challenge, which I set at 1 book so that I could just relax and read and I kinda just want to see if it makes a different and boy it sure has. I just read when I am in the mood and there isn’t stress for. So for the month of February I read 27 books, not as much as January but still quite a few. My current county is 60 books so far in theyear 2018.


How Was Your Month Of February? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Lusting For Covers (287) My Lady Captor

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New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell pens a sweeping romance set against the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, where a young woman holding a warrior hostage tries to resist his passionate seduction. . .

Lady Sorcha Hay is devastated to learn that English soldiers are holding her young brother captive. Penniless, the only way she can pay for his freedom is by taking a hostage for ransom herself. Her captive–a wounded knight plucked from the battlefield–is furious to be imprisoned by a woman. But nothing will stop Sorcha from keeping Sir Ruari Kerr enslaved, even as the sight of his bronzed body sets her mind reeling and her senses afire. . .

With her dark mane and soft curves, Sorcha is everything Ruari has ever desired in a woman. As she tends to his wounds, Ruari fights the intense attraction that ignites at her very touch. But he can’t afford to lose his heart to his tempting captor. For when he’s finally rescued by his men, Sorcha will pay dearly for her treachery–and loving her could put both their lives in peril. . .

Why My Lady Captor?

First off, with Hannah Howell as a author I will pick up any book she has written but especially her backlisted books. I haven’t read this one yet and I am thrilled to hear that Kensington Books are republishing this book with a drop dead gorgeous cover. I honestly just love everything about this cover. I love their post, with the sensual but tender way they are holding each other. The heroine’s dress is so pretty, I love the pink and her red hair is just gorgeous. And the backdrop with the scene on the grass hill with the castle I am in LOVE!!


About Hannah Howell

After five years and many rejections, I finally got my first book on the stands in 1988 – Amber Flame – from Leisure Books (reissued a while back under the title His Bonnie Bride). Also the western – A Taste of Fire published by Kensington in 1988. (and reissued by them several times since then) After about 10 years of writing English, Scottish and western historicals for several publishers (even venturing into the occasional pen-name) I settled in at Kensington writing Scottish historicals. Thus was born the great Murray clan (and a very prolific clan as well.) In June 2009 I started a series set in late-Georgian England concerning two connected families – the Wherlockes and the Vaughns. The first – If he’s Wicked – was that June, the latest – If He’s Tempted – was released April 2013. My cunning plan is to then do one of the Wherlockes and one of the Murrays each year. We’ll see how that works.

I grew up in New England and my family (on the maternal side) has been here since the 1630s. The paternal side is half Nova Scotian and half English. Met the hubby in England on a trip to meet and greet the English side of the family, bought him a drink in a pub, and the rest is history. Been married for 42+ years now. I have two sons, one a graphic artist (Sam) and one a mechanical engineer (Keir), a daughter-in-law who is a teacher (Beth), and three stunningly attractive, highly intelligent grandchildren (boast much?) – Benjamin, Jennifer, and Evelyn Rose. And they all live within driving distance – hooray. Being mildly insane I also have five cats – Matilda (high strung), Shadow (who is a little ferally and lives under a chair in my living-room because she does not like the ‘kittens’ I brought home years ago.), the demonic duo – Jackson and Perkins, and the latest addition, Mungo.

When I am not writing – which isn’t often – I play games on the computer, play the piano (took 13 years of lessons when growing up), crochet (very addicting), read, and garden (some day I will conquer the demon weed).