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Audio Romance Review-The Iron Knight by Kathryn Le Veque

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Audio Romance Review-The Iron Knight by Kathryn Le Veque

Audio Romance Review-The Iron Knight by Kathryn Le VequeThe Iron Knight by Kathryn Le Veque
Series: The De Russe Legacy #4
Published by Dragonblade Publishing on August 15, 2016
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era
Narrator: Brad Wills
Length: 9 Hours and 53 Mins
Pages: 292
Format: Audiobook
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1410 A.D. – Battle-hardened warrior and favored of the king, Sir Lucien de Russe is called the Iron Knight because of his indestructibility in battle. An older knight, Lucien is entering his fortieth year and has seen a good deal in his lifetime. But having sustained fairly serious wounds in the most recent rebellions against Henry IV, Lucien retires his sword and spurs, choosing to live out the rest of his life in peace. Physically, he is damaged goods and must heal. Mentally, however, he is already dead.

Having lost his wife many years ago, Lucien has two children – a son who barely acknowledges him and a daughter who is a terror. Lucien finds no joy in life any longer, looking back upon an illustrious career, admired and loved by the fighting men of England, yet inside, he is hollow. It is this existence he has resigned himself to when the king, believing he is doing Lucien a great favor, pledges him to a very young heiress. When the girl and her father show up at Lucien’s home, he makes an escape.

Riding to clear his head, Lucien runs right into a robbery in progress. A fine carriage has been set upon by bandits and Lucien knows he cannot turn away. Begrudgingly, the Iron Knight goes into action once more and saves the occupants of the carriage, a mother and her young daughter.

Lady Sophina de Gournay is a widow, traveling to meet her intended. When the big, handsome knight with the long, dark hair saves her from the outlaws, a simple moment of gratitude turns into something that binds her to Lucien far more than either of them realize. It’s that wonderful chance meeting, a chain of events is started that could destroy them both.

Join Lucien and Sophina in a romance of a lifetime, where second chances at love are something worth fighting for.

The Iron Knight is the fourth book in the De Russe Legacy, but what is really nice about Kathryn Le Veque’s style of writing her series is that you don’t need to read the books in order of the series. She writes each book to be read as a stand alone if you want. This book was part of the Audible Romance Package and I really had a blast with this book and like usual its packed with so many unique elements that only Le Veque brings to the pages of her stories. What I really like about Le Veque is how well written her books are, they are so rich and detailed and such endearing characters.

The Iron Knight begins with Lucien De Russe, who is also known as the “Iron Knight” he has never been injured in a battle and goes into one with full speed. Lucien has lost his wife and tears through battles and wars hoping to lose himself from the pain and grief that has haunted him and has put a rift in the relationship between himself and his children. A grown son who won’t speak to him and a spoiled girl who he can’t control. But on one fateful day in 1410 A.D. he is injured and at forty he is to retire his battle armor. Now the king has decided to reward him with a young bride, one that Lucien has no desire to marry. While out on a ride he hears some screams and finds two women stuck in a carriage that is sinking in a lake with a battle between soldiers and bandits. Without thinking about it he rescues the two women and everyone flees instantly including the women’s escort.

Lady Sophina de Gournay has been living with her father ever since she became widowed and raising her daughter all by herself. But then her father, who has recently remarried wants his daughter out of his home, he is tired of her presence. And so he arranges a marriage for her and now Sophina will need to remarry once again. But on her way to her intended’s home, she and her daughter almost drown from an attack. And the men escorting her abandons her but there is one man who rescues Sophina and her daughter from drowning or worse.

Sophina and Lucien are drawn to each other, from a single ride back to Lucien’s home sparks fly between them and its an instant love connection for them. Both Lucien and Sophina are mature adults, they have both experiences love matches in their late marriages and they recognize the signs of how powerful their connection is. But there are some obstacles standing in their way including the fact that they are both betrothed to other people and are both people of honor. But Lucien has found love again and he isn’t the Iron Knight for nothing, he will find a way to have Sophina and her sweet daughter with him….

The Iron Knight was so wonderful to listen to and I first off want to give my shout out to the narrator: Brad Wills. I just love and adore this narrator so very much. Now I know that not everyone loves him like I do, but he has such diverse talent and the way he can add in multiple characters so flawlessly is something you don’t see from many narrators. And he did such a wonderful job with implementing the voices of all the characters that come into play with this story.

I will admit that before I started this book, I had some apprehension for it mostly because I knew that there would be some conflicts outside the couple, of a more “forbidden” type nature and I wasn’t sure if I was in the right frame of mind to read a book like this with this trope because I do need to be in the mood for it. However I can say that this book ROCKED!! I don’t know why I doubt Le Veque’s work because its amazing. I may not be a fan of her covers, but the books are amazing. This is where you ignore the covers and read the books because they are some of the most well written medieval romances out there. I know some readers that have hesitated in reading this author because of the cover designs and I am telling you TRY KATHRYN LE VEQUE out and you won’t be disappointed. Both her physical/ebooks and audiobooks are superb.

What I found most interesting was the family bonds in this book. We have the close tie between Sophina and Emmeline. They understand each other and have the type of mother daughter relationship that anyone could envy. Then we have the relationship that Lucien has with his daughter Susanna. Now Susanna was injured at birth and now struggles in walking. But she is very spoiled and mean and even abusive to the servants who are afraid of a little girl. But the hero is at a loss as to what he is doing wrong with her. But what was really amazing…is the moment that Sophina comes into play something changes with Susanna slowly. Then we have another set of women that you end up falling in love with as well. Lady Juno is Lucien’s intended who is accompanied by her father and her cousin Aricia. I just loved the parts that June and Aricia play in this story and the aspect of Aricia being a transgender character. This is not something I don’t think I have ever encountered in a historical romance before. And it was so interesting and I am so glad that Le Veque wrote this character in. I do love how gracious Lucien and Sophina are with Aricia and welcoming her and accepting her.

We do have some villains in the story, the main villain being Sophina’s fiancee who is a thief and a crook but has remained innocent of charges because he has family connections to the Queen. However, we see in this book how evil this man is and will work anything to his advantage but he gets his justful end that he deserves. I found it very interesting to see how the plot played out overall. There is such a focus on relationships in this book both romantic and platonic friendships. There is such depth of dynamics that come into play with this book. Now for the romance….the ROMANCE folks was simply fantastic here. I just love the building of their relationship. The laughter and teasing that comes into play at the beginning, and the emotion and intimacy that grows with each chapter.

I found The Iron Knight to be captivating and sweeps you back through time, with history and vibrant emotion and a tale that weaves its way through your soul and leaves you with a smile!! STUNNINGLY PENNED!!

About Kathryn Le Veque

KATHRYN LE VEQUE is a USA TODAY Bestselling author, an Amazon All-Star author, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance and Historical Fiction. She has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and on USA TODAY’s HEA blog. In March 2015, Kathryn was the featured cover story for the March issue of InD’Tale Magazine, the premier Indie author magazine. She is also a quadruple nominee (a record!) for the prestigious RONE awards for 2015. Her bestselling novel, THE WOLFE, is also a semi finalist for the 2015 Kindle Book Reviews award for Best Romance.

In October 2014, Kathryn was the 31st MOST READ author on Amazon. She is extremely prolific with over 50 published novels and 37 #1 Hot New Releases in Medieval Historical Romance since May 2012. When new readers see how many novels she has published, the inevitable question is…

“She writes so many novels! Are they any good?” The answer is… YES!!

Welcome to Medieval England – hard-core, battle-scarred, power-driven alpha knights of the highest Norman order and the women who love them. Like High Middle Ages action and romance? Welcome to the Le Veque Medieval Machine.

Kathryn’s Medieval Historicals have been called ‘detailed’, ‘highly romantic’, and ‘character-rich’. She crafts great adventures of love, battles, passion, and romance in the High Middle Ages. More than that, she writes for both women AND men – an unusual crossover for a romance author – and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure.

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