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At A Glance: Summer…Books…and Fun

by | Jul 2, 2018 | At A Glance | 0 comments


June has been a pretty good month, some ups and some downs but overall a pretty decent month. I had some family visit from Canada for a bit which was fun, which makes me realize that I need to go up north soon for a visit, plus I am itching for some Poutine Fries (and only those who live in Canada or have tried these know that they are the BOMB!!) And FYI Happy Canada Day to all those Canadian’s out there or those with loved ones that live in Canada.

Lately I have had the worst headaches, but realizing I need to make a focus on living a healthy lifestyle and I already feel so much better. Going to pull out my Skinny Taste cookbooks out again.:) And it has been fun picking up the BBG program again, especially since their app now features yoga workouts as well which is so FUN!!

I have lately have a pretty decent reading month and found some real treasures. I also got back to my local library and I am so glad to have access to this library again. It always gives me the good feels every time I visit. I always find some treasures while visiting. Most of my reading has been consisting mostly of historical and contemporaries. And yeah for some reason I have been stumbling across MC romances and Iam in the mood for them so much of late…have NO idea why, but loving them again.

I have also been doing some adult coloring as well and having a blast with my new colored pencils, highly recommend trying out Faber Castell Polychromos if you love coloring and have the budget for them. I bought these two books because I have been wanting to try them out so badly. Romantic Country is a coloring book I have been wanting to grab up since its definitely my style and I love how picturesque it is—Plus I love the historical medieval fantasy feel to these books. And then of course Disney. I love anything Thomas Kincade, and I thought I would try my hand at one of his coloring books, and these painting are so beautiful.

This here is the inside flap of Ivy and the inky Butterfly. I had a fun time with using variations of colors for these different flowers.

This is where I tried my hand at Magical Jungle. Just the first page


As for blogging, things have been going pretty good and I am making good progress on the book database project that I am working on. And working on these time era’s might also be why I have been in such a reading mood for historical’s….makes me realize why I love this genre so much because there is so much out there in the historical romance sub genre. For those historical romance lovers out there….what is your favorite time era/setting in historical romance to read in?

Currently my goodreads challenge (which I have set at one book) is currently at 122 books…YAY!! Not as great as I normally do this time of year, however with the blog project I am trying to get finished and life being busy…not too shabby. And it has been nice just to read at my own pace and not feel rushed by a reading challenge.

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