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Well this month has been a pretty regular month. I have been focusing this month on reading more from the library. For a while this past year, I just bought books and read ARC’s, but I missed going to the library and I have been in the mood for reading more paperback lately. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden, I just crave picking up a printed form of a book. Have any of you just suddenly switched from the format you normally read? I also am making a goal to read a audiobook every week at least. I love listening to stories come alive. My library works through three different audio book sites. Pioneer Utah Library, One Click Digital and Hoopla. Hoopla is new to me, so I am eager to see how much I like it but from what I have seen it has a great selection. I have been keeping on target with buying no more than $25.00 in books. I believe this past month I have only bought one ebook for 2.99. I have been focusing on reading more paperbacks lately. I am working my way through transferring my reviews from my old site. This past month I was able to get through a few months of 2014. I do have some time off coming up this month, and I plan on working on trying to get it completely finished this month. In my personal life, I have been focusing on my studies. Still working full time trying to save money and I have been getting some dental work done. I also have been having fun with football season and spending time with family from Canada.

Books Read and Reviewed 

Thunder on the Plains- What a story this was….so emotionally involved and it really put me through the ringer with this one. Rosanne Bittner definitely knows how to write a historical romance. The more I read from her, the more hooked I get. A rich and vibrant romance. Review soon to come.

Heir To The Pack- This had a secret baby trope in the story but I loved it. The circumstances were different and I loved the romance the develops between the two and the mystery that develops. Review soon to come.

First Time With A Highlander- My Review

No Limits-The first of the latest series by Lori Foster. What a story this turned out, and it reminded me of how much I love this author and this pair really won me over. Review soon to come.

Chance the Winds of Fortune-My Review

Everlasting Desire-My Review

His Wicked Reputation-My Review

Her Secret Guardian-My Review

The Madness of Lord Westfall-This was so different from what I was expecting from Mia Marlowe. It had a variety of spices to this story that was so unique and I was so impressed with this series. Review soon to come.

Midnight Rising=My Review

Twilight Magic-My Review

Lion Eyes- A novella of the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. Quite a lovely little romance we have here, and we see a different side to rogue shifters we haven’t seen much of.

Hard To Be Good-A Novella of the Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye. This is the m/m romance that Kaye has written and so well done too. I tend to be picky with this set up, but I really found myself drawn to these two. Loved the match and their characters.

A Curvy Cold Water Christmas-This has to be one of the shortest books I have ever read. At only 30 pages, quite short yet sweet.  A lovely romantic interlude.

The Newcomer-My Review

Forever Your Earl-My Review

About A Vampire=My Review

A Rogue’s Embrace-My Review

A Ltitle Thing Called Love-My Review

Four Weddings and a Fireman-My Review

Midnight Awakening-My Review

Moon’s Web-My Review

Rescued By The Ranger-My Review

Bayou Heat Box Set-This set is number 2 by a joint effort of Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright. Both of these author I truly enjoy reading. I loved the setting of the “bayou” and mix that with sexy shifters, a dangerous magical enemy and some steamy romance, any reader will fall in love. I am eager to try the other books in the series.

Nice Girls Don’t Ride-This was very interesting, but much shorter than I was expecting. But I loved our heroine of the story. She was so easy to relate with and love my sexy bikers.

Wolf Bite-This had a interesting twist, and I fell for everything in this book. The characters ,the plot, the setting and the love story. It had some conflicts that keeps this couple apart, but they find a way to be together.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous In Plaid-I do plan on doing a review for this book soon, hopefully I can gather enough thoughts to do a decent one. I did love it, and this author has definitely won me over again. Her last series before this one I struggled with at times. But this series, is passionate and emotionally dramatic and it has Enoch written all over it. If you love those sexy highlanders, this is a must read.

Thornbrook Park-My Review

I Own The Dawn-My Review

Kiss of Crimson-My Review

Mate of Her Heart-This is the first of a shifter themed series. This deals with a bit of a “forbidden love” set up. Many things go wrong, but in the end these two fighting for each other…win. I read this wanting to get through a ebook that has been on my reader for quite some time, but now I am eager to read the rest of the series.

Red Moon=This is a story that was a deal at .99 cents, but totally would have paid more for it. It has a futuristic theme to it, but has a historic theme with the heroine being a slave. A truly magnificent story of a powerful love….these two were magic together.

One Scandalous Kiss-This is a new author to me, with a historical setting…sweet and charming. Looking forward to see what the author will come up with next.

Lost Lady-My Review

Taming Her Wolf-My Review

The Notorious Knight-My Review

Kiss of Midnight-My Review

How To Tame A Wild Fireman-My Review

A Good Rake Is Hard To Find-My Review

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Reading Challenges 

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 301/400—-75%

Historical Romance Reading Challenge: 108/100

New To You Reading Challenge: 101/100

TBR Aged Pile Reading Challenge: 15/20

Book Favorites Of The Month 

Thunder On The PlainsHer Secret GuardianMad Bad and Dangerous In plaidNo LimitsEverlasting Desire

7 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month of September

  1. Yep, with you on Thunder on the Plains. Love that you’re getting back to the library and enjoying the feel of papercopy. I go through spurts of enjoying it in my hand to liking my Kindle features while I read, too.

    Great month!

  2. YES!! I have been reading more physical books lately and I’ve been a die hard ebook reader for a few years now. I think part of it is that I finally have enough shelves for them and they look so pretty. 🙂 I’ve also been trying out audiobooks. My problem with them is that I have to use earphones so I can focus on the story and after awhile my ears will start to hurt.
    Your reading is impressive my dear! I wish I could read half as much. 🙂 Go you!

  3. That’s great you have been reading more library books. I don’t go to the library anymore even though I used to, as now I prefer to read english books and our libraries usually don’t have a large collection of english books. I just make sure to read paperback in between all the e-copies now and then, I love reading in e-format, but sometimes I just want to have a physical book in my hands. My biggest change in reading this year is how I switched from reading only one book at a time, to also reading a second book on my ipad. Sounds like you had some good book you read this month. Here’s to a great october!

  4. So many books! Good for you! I have been trying to concentrate on getting library books as well. My local library has really expanded their ebook selection which has really helped. I tend to go back and forth with what format I enjoy. Sometimes I will read a ton of print books in a row and then switch to ebook randomly. Thanks for the GR rec of Thunder on the Plains…I found the Read Now option for it at Netgalley so I’ll be reading that sometime.

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