At A Glance: Month of October-Spooky Delights

This month has been kinda crazy and has gone by so quickly and I have no clue how we are so close to the end of 2022. We only have two months left and it should be interesting to see what happens for the rest of the month. I have been able to read some amazing reads this month and discovered some new authors. I even had a day of reading where I read FIVE books, can you believe that? I have no clue how I did it, but it definitely happened. It helps that they were page turners and were fast reads, but boy did I need to go on a run after all that, because that was a ton of sitting.

In my life well things are just going round and round. I was planning on seeing all the fall foliage but every time I had time to go out and explore, we would have rain or overcast weather. Oh well, there have been plenty of pretty fall colors around us though. I love fall in Utah, it just gets so pretty here. I still have some health issues, been under a lot of stress which hasn’t helped my blood pressure, but hopefully things will be better in November. I was able to read some good spooky reads for the season and did participate in a couple of live shows which were really fun. I love getting together with other passionate readers and chatting our love of books.

I have had a decent reading month, didn’t get quite as much read as I would have liked but read quite a few GREAT reads, some of the best of the year for me.

Goodreads Reading Challenge 232/200–I adjusted my reading challenge to 200, not sure if I will make it to 300 by the end of the year, although I will probably get close. But I just want to relax with my reading for the rest of the year especially with the events  I have going on in December. I don’t always get that much time to read.

3 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month of October-Spooky Delights

  1. Way to over-achieve with the GR challenge. Always nice when you hit the number you were hoping for. I hope you are enjoying all that joy that fall brings and that they can get a handle on your health issues.

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