At A Glance: Month of November for 2018

November was such a great month, I am settled in my apartment fully, getting ready for Christmas and New Year. I love this time of year. November was a month that flew by so quickly because so much family stuff is always going on. I was able to spend Thanksgiving with the family and it was wonderful. My one sister in Chicago wasn’t able to get away however, the rest of us got to spend the day together….eating good food, watching football and getting the house all ready for Christmas. I am lucky that my father’s family is Canadian so this was my second Thanksgiving of the year but just as delicious. For the blog, I also made some changes so it has a more Christmas-y feel to it. I read some great books this past month and got quite a bit done. I am just loving Audiobooks and been listening to them a lot more lately. I did get a IKEA Billy Bookcase and I have decided that these are just perfect for romance paperbacks. I bought two extra shelves and it was simply perfect size for my paperbacks and I will have room for another one if I need to. Right now I still have plenty of space to fill. So far its been a really fun month and love having my room all decorated out for the holidays.

As many of you know, for year 2018 I decided to not participate in reading challenges. I just wanted to take a break from them and considering I have been doing them every year since I started blogging eight years ago, it has been lovely having a break and just relaxing with books. Even my Goodreads Reading Challenge I only set at 1 book just to relax and not worry about “being behind” because I swear that causes so much stress hehe But so far I am at 241 books read so far and that does include a handful of books I have re read. (love that you can track them through Goodreads now)