At A Glance: Month of June

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So this month has been a pretty busy month for me. Work as mostly just been training, and lots of delays and so still quite a bit of stress. But finally this past week, everything got settled and now hopefully I can start relaxing about financial drama because it can sure take the fun out of life sometimes. I did learn that my baby sister is pregnant with a girl….yeah I am pretty excited since I have three nephews and been wanting a little niece, so I can’t WAIT!!! I am really enjoying the summer heat…its not as bad as I thought it would be. But then I don’t think it has gotten very bad, of course, I am orginially from Utah and we get plenty of hot weather. As far as blogging news, I have been keeping very busy. Just trying to catch up on my reading, because I am so behind on my Goodreads challenge. Let me tell you, I never get behind like this but with my break, my reading slowed down so now I am trying to catch up but thankfully my joy of reading has come back full force and boy have I enjoyed some fabulous books so far. I also have been continually working on my new project and my goal is to have it finished before the end of the summer *crossing fingers* Its been so fun building this new romance book database, re discovering books and realizing how many books I have actually read. Oh boy, it is a ton!! But I am also hoping you will love it too.

Books Read and Reviewed

Reading Challenges

Bad Boys of Romance 2017: 43/15


Books N'Tunes Reading Challenge 2017: 1/25


Audio Book Reading Challenge 2017: 1/10


Oldie But A Goodie Reading Challenge 2017: 1/20


Out Of This World Reading Challenge 2017: 3/5


Spooks Howls and Fangs Reading Challenge 2017: 23/20


Read It All Reading Challenge-Beverly Jenkins: 7/40


Goodreads Reading Challenge-140 books out of 300–10 Books Behind of Schedule–I am a little behind, but hopefully I will be able to get ahead this month.

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