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So I can’t believe we are at the end of January. Boy has this month gone by too fast for me!! But what a great reading and blogging month it has been. I have been working on being more organized. My goal for the month has been having more balance in my day.  I did have a tooth extracted a couple of weeks ago and I am hoping I will be able to begin a regular workout routine once its completely healed. I have been eating healthier and drinking my detox slimming water (super delicious) and I have started to slim down a bit so that once I start working out I can start toning up and building lean muscle. As for the blog, I have been keeping up on my reviews, been reading some wonderful books, and been keeping up on my goals to reorganize my goodreads shelves. But its taking much longer than I thought it would. But once it gets done, I will be so glad for doing it. Starting Feburary I will be on a stricter budget. Meaning no more buying books unless I get a good deal for them. My focus is library books and ARC’s. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. I haven’t read all that many library books in 2015 like I used to, and I want to be there more often. I am also focusing on my schooling. I just entered my advanced program through LWPI and I am loving it. For example, this past week my homework assignment was to create a pinterest account for weddings and build up various boards and I have had a blast with it. Its great because my first project due is to plan an fake wedding, through and can’t wait to start on that. Should be fun setting a wedding style, couple backgrounds, all the wedding details and seeing what I am capable of.

As for my coloring this month, I didn’t get as much done as I thought I would. But had a bit of fun with it though. But like I said, I am trying to be a bit more balanced, and not overwhelm myself so much. I had fun with these pages. Still working on doing a good background. Hopefully the more I do it, the better I will get. So here is my progress.

Lost Ocean-Johanna Basford Coloring Book 


Enchanted Forest -Johanna Basford Coloring Book


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Reading Challenges 

Bad Boys of Romance: 32/15


Books N' Tunes Reading Challenge: 15/10


Hard Core Re Reading Challenge: 3/25


Oldie But A Goodie Reading Challenge: 33/20


Out Of This World Reading Challenge: 3/10


Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge: 8/6


Spooks, Howls and Fangs Readings Challenge: 50/40


TBR Reading Challenge: 23/12


The Series That Never Ends Reading Challenge: 8/15


Blogger Shame Review Challenge: 6/30


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14 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month of January

  1. This month sure seemed to go fast, I am glad to hear it was a good month for reading and blogging. Sounds like the organization and your goals for the month went well too. I can only imagine how much effort reorganizing your goodreads shelves takes, but it probably will be awesome once it’s all done.
    I am on a pretty strict book budget as well, but luckily I still get enough arc’s and review copies to keep filling my reading addiction. I don’t get any books from the library as most libraries don’t have english books or not many and it still costs quite some money.
    That program/ study thing you’re doing sounds fun and interesting with planning a fake wedding, setting up a pinterets board etc.
    I love those pictures of your colouring, they look so pretty and make me want to get that ocean book as well, maybe later once I finally finished the colouring books I already own. Looks like you got some nice reads this month too. I hope february will be a great month as well!

    1. oh I know, I swear the older I get the faster time goes by and what I wouldn’t give to go back to my younger years. hehe Oh yeah my goodreads shelves are going to take FOREVER…but I am going to be so grateful I did it once it gets finished. That is a shame about your library, I don’t know what I wouldn’t do without mine. The ocean book is pretty fun, all of them are really. And I hear she is doing a jungle book next.

      Hope Feb is a successful month for you Lola!!

  2. You did seem to have a feel-good month. Congrats on doing so well health-wise.
    That does sound like a fun school project, but yet very practical. 🙂
    I am focusing on not making book purchases, too.

    You’ve got a good start with your challenges. Boy, glad to see I’m not the only one with a pile of challenges. 🙂

    Have a good February!

    1. Yeah it was a pretty good one, which is great for the start of the new year and all my goals that I have. Yeah I am excited about the project, its going to take lots of time of course, but I have two months to do it, but it will be a good learning experience as well. Yeah I did quite a few challenges, I did choose challenges that would fit my reading goals though, and I set them lower than normal so that I am not stressing too much each month.
      Hope you have a great month too!!

    1. Too fast…way too fast!! But at the same time I am excited for February too! 🙂 Yeah my tooth is still achy, the surgeon really bruised my jaw up pretty badly, so that I think is what is taking so long to heal from mostly. Hope you have a great month of reading in Feb.

  3. Wow, you read some amazing books, I am certain we have a very similar taste 🙂 If you want to read something wedding planner related, Nora Roberts has a great quartet, I never want to be a bride, but those books are great.

    1. yeah I had a fun reading month. I actually have read the bride quartet series of hers and they are probably some of my favorite CR to read. Love them. That would be my dream one day.

  4. Sounds like you had a great month except for having to have a tooth pulled. It can be so much work to get organized but it will be worth it in the end. I love your coloring books. They are beautiful! You did read some wonderful books in January!

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