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At A Glance: Month of January 2019

by | Feb 10, 2019 | At A Glance | 0 comments

January was a great start to the year for me. I know for some other bloggers, 2019 has been a rough start, but for me it has been really great. I have made some great goals for both the blog and my personal life. For my personal life, I have focused on getting back into the BBG program, I did get a gym membership in December and have been using the treadmill a few times a week but now I am also using the meal plans with the BBG program and I am really enjoying it. I still do a desert once or twice a week so I treat myself and make sure its not too hard to stick with the meal plan but I am really enjoying the meals that this program offers. Health wise I feel so much better than ever before so its worth it. Lost 15 lbs already, so I am doing something right. Now as for the blog I have read some fabulous books and just been on the roll with my reading. I read up to 42 books in January both print, ebooks and audiobooks. I joined in some reading challenges. There have been so many book treasures I have loved and my favorite book I read in January would be Scandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. It was simply superb and I couldn’t put it down at all. Although I have many favorites that book was my favorite.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: Goal is 400 and my current status is: 42 at the end of January.

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