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So this past month has been so fantastic!! I have just loved April so much. I have over the past couple of weeks, started a new workout program with Kayla Itsines. Its pretty popular, so many of you may of heard of it. I had a friend try it and loved her results and she knew I enjoyed working out and I have been really enjoying it. Its challenging and tough but I love feeling healthier and stronger every day. I definitely am excited to have some nice toned abs soon!!! But boy can I feel it and just by eating healthy, I have already started to see a difference. As for the blog, this past month has been a blast with the Historical Romance 101 series of posts we have been doing. So fun doing this. Historical Romance is one of my favorite genres and I loved sharing some of my personal favorites both old and new with you all. If you missed out on it here is a link to them if you are interested. We also had a fun twitter chat (which I missed out on, since I normally sleep in the evenings and my alarm didn’t go off for it…I was so upset when I woke up!! ) But for those that participated hope it was a blast. I got quite a few great books read and was such a solid reading month for me!!! I have been focusing more on books I own and library books over ARC’s

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Bad Boys of Romance: 32/15


Books N' Tunes Reading Challenge: 15/10


Hard Core Re Reading Challenge: 3/25


Oldie But A Goodie Reading Challenge: 33/20


Out Of This World Reading Challenge: 3/10


Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge: 8/6


Spooks, Howls and Fangs Readings Challenge: 50/40


TBR Reading Challenge: 23/12


The Series That Never Ends Reading Challenge: 8/15


Blogger Shame Review Challenge: 6/30


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Top Picks For April

5 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month of April

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your History 101 posts and I’m not surprised at all to see the line of best books you read.

    Yay for you, getting into better shape and feeling good about it.

  2. Wow, busy month! My April was a mess, both real life and blogging wise. I just hope that I get my groove back this month. Enjoy your new reads! I have a few Beverly Jenkins books on my shelf that I need to read.

  3. I’m glad you had such a fabulous month. We did miss you on the Twitter chat, but I’m glad you were able to get in the discussion later. Hope next month is just as good or better!

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