At A Glance: Month of April

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So this past month has been so fantastic!! I have just loved April so much. I have over the past couple of weeks, started a new workout program with Kayla Itsines. Its pretty popular, so many of you may of heard of it. I had a friend try it and loved her results and she knew I enjoyed working out and I have been really enjoying it. Its challenging and tough but I love feeling healthier and stronger every day. I definitely am excited to have some nice toned abs soon!!! But boy can I feel it and just by eating healthy, I have already started to see a difference. As for the blog, this past month has been a blast with the Historical Romance 101 series of posts we have been doing. So fun doing this. Historical Romance is one of my favorite genres and I loved sharing some of my personal favorites both old and new with you all. If you missed out on it here is a link to them if you are interested. We also had a fun twitter chat (which I missed out on, since I normally sleep in the evenings and my alarm didn’t go off for it…I was so upset when I woke up!! ) But for those that participated hope it was a blast. I got quite a few great books read and was such a solid reading month for me!!! I have been focusing more on books I own and library books over ARC’s

Books Read and Reviewed 

Reading Challenges 

Bad Boys of Romance: 32/15


Books N' Tunes Reading Challenge: 15/10


Hard Core Re Reading Challenge: 3/25


Oldie But A Goodie Reading Challenge: 33/20


Out Of This World Reading Challenge: 3/10


Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge: 8/6


Spooks, Howls and Fangs Readings Challenge: 50/40


TBR Reading Challenge: 23/12


The Series That Never Ends Reading Challenge: 8/15


Blogger Shame Review Challenge: 6/30


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