At A Glance: Month Of April

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Oh what a month, it was full of good news and bad news but overall still a good month. Lets get started with my blogging news. So the first half of the month, was pretty wonderful. I read some fantastic books, and was making some good progress with my pages. And I did have a revelation of sorts, thinking about organizing my pages a bit more and adding more content too. Something more of a database of tropes and types of characters and genres. Pretty much my own version of a listopia, only more like a Romanclistopia hehe Its going to take a long while to do, but its been on my mind for the past year. I think I finally finished transferring reviews from my old site and now everything is in the UBB Review system. And I also was able to spend the past month getting the blog cleaned up a bit. Now as for the last half of the month, it didn’t go so well I will say. I fell into a pretty bad book slump and have only been in the mood for re reads here. I had realized that with eight years of blogging I have only done two breaks. And I think stress of life has been impacting my reading big time, happens when you get temporarily laid off for a few weeks right before rent is due–yeah no fun. Although it will be worth it next month, since I will be making about three to four times more than I have been making the past few months. So financially it will get better, but I am so distracted and stressed that I can’t focus on reading much. So until I get back to working full time again, I will be taking a break from things for a bit. I will still post reviews as I read books and get in the mood for them. But won’t be commenting as much.

But I did get these coloring pages done this month and really liked how they turned out.

Secret Garden Coloring Book

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