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Oh what a month, it was full of good news and bad news but overall still a good month. Lets get started with my blogging news. So the first half of the month, was pretty wonderful. I read some fantastic books, and was making some good progress with my pages. And I did have a revelation of sorts, thinking about organizing my pages a bit more and adding more content too. Something more of a database of tropes and types of characters and genres. Pretty much my own version of a listopia, only more like a Romanclistopia hehe Its going to take a long while to do, but its been on my mind for the past year. I think I finally finished transferring reviews from my old site and now everything is in the UBB Review system. And I also was able to spend the past month getting the blog cleaned up a bit. Now as for the last half of the month, it didn’t go so well I will say. I fell into a pretty bad book slump and have only been in the mood for re reads here. I had realized that with eight years of blogging I have only done two breaks. And I think stress of life has been impacting my reading big time, happens when you get temporarily laid off for a few weeks right before rent is due–yeah no fun. Although it will be worth it next month, since I will be making about three to four times more than I have been making the past few months. So financially it will get better, but I am so distracted and stressed that I can’t focus on reading much. So until I get back to working full time again, I will be taking a break from things for a bit. I will still post reviews as I read books and get in the mood for them. But won’t be commenting as much.

But I did get these coloring pages done this month and really liked how they turned out.

Secret Garden Coloring Book

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14 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month Of April

  1. I’m so sorry that you are having a reading slump. I hate when those happen. Take some time and refresh we will be here when you’re back!

  2. Yeah for getting caught up on transfers and your idea for the lists. I thought about doing trope shelves on GR like that, but I’ll be happy to access your lists when they are ready.
    How stressful to have the layoff right at rent time even if a little while from now you’ll be sitting pretty. No sweat on the blog visits. Drop by if you want, but no worries if you just needed to quietly reach for your comfort read.

    Have a good May, Renee!

  3. I’m sorry the second half of the month wasn’t so great. I’m been in a reading funk for months. It’s so frustrating! I thinking taking a break for a little bit will be good for you.

    I love the coloring pages you did. Are they with coloring pencils?

  4. Glad you had a great reading month at least! Hopefully once you are settled into a new job things will be better. we will still be here whenever you get back to blogging!

  5. I find that I’m not at all motivated to do anything when the worries of real life encroach on my blogging life. It seems to be happening more and more, so yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from.

    Good luck in May!

  6. I think a break every once in a while is absolutely necessary. At least, it is for me. Your coloring pages are awesome πŸ™‚ I hate to hear that you were laid off. That does sound really stressful. I hope you have a great May!

  7. I’m glad overall April brought good things for you, but totally understandable that life can bring a lot stress and affect you enjoyment of reading! Remember it’s totally okay to take a break! Hope your new job is fantastic and you come back refreshed!

  8. Sorry to hear you had a rough time of it in April, Renee. Hopefully this month is better and things are on the upswing for you!

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