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AT A Glance: Fireworks, Heat Wave and BBQ’s

by | Aug 1, 2018 | At A Glance | 0 comments

This has been one crazy month and yet a fun one too!! July is a month of heat waves, fireworks, celebrations and reading. July is one of the hottest month’s in Utah, so in all honesty I rarely go outside unless its the weekend and do stuff in the mornings. So I end up cooped indoors all day, and one that is sensitive to heat stroke know exactly why I do this. July though in Utah can be a fun month, there are a lot of festive things that happen. We have TWO holidays: One is the 4th of July and then another which can be patriotic is Pioneer’s day. This is a holiday (for those that have never been to Utah in the summer or live here) which is where we have a huge parades, fireworks and people walking around in hot flannet pioneer clothes (which I think they are nuts in this heat, I am all for remembrance of our ancestors, but you will NEVER see me doing that)

This month though has been a pretty GREAT reading month, I am working on getting caught up on my ARC’s, got some yummy library books, and went on a book buying binge. July was a great month of book releases, and we got some GREAT books that I just had to buy and I also purchased Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath because one my copy is super old and falling apart, and love these new covers. Tremendous job that the Avon team has done. I also did some coloring, not that much, however, just enough to manage my anxiety. I really had a fun time with these book flaps, and I did both beginning and end of book flaps, it took a while…like a full week to do this and I only used 4 COLORS, so I am pretty proud of stretching myself a bit more in coloring. I also started working on my hand writing skills, both fancy lettering and cursive. Along with this, I have been back to Bullet Journaling more. And I discovered a wonderful way that has helped my reviews. Over the past week with my reviews, I have remembered so many more details from the books I have read. I have been doing book notes in my bullet journal and boy has it made a difference. I know most bloggers don’t do this however it works for me especially since I can’t always get a review right after I have finished reading a book.

I have made some great progress with my goodreads reading challange, I am at 146 books, not too bad. It has been nice just to read when I am in the mood and not feeling pressure from reading challenges, although I do miss them.

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