I am Lover of romance, who indulges in the romantic adventures of literature

My name is Renee, and I am the host of this site. I am a 34 year old woman, on the prowl for her mate, searching out the best of books, exploring the wilds of the imagination and delving into the heart of a beautiful love story.


About Me

Hello Everyone.


My Name is Bonnie Renee , but I like to go by Renee. and have for quite some time now.  I am totally addicted to romance novels. I have always loved to read; but especially anything filled with romance and a happy ending of course. Who doesn’t? I love reading about a story, with a good intense plot, with strong characters and a writing that takes me back to the scenic circumstances of the time and place of where and when the story takes place. I haven’t always loved to read though, it wasn’t until my father convinced me to read a book called Return To Love which is a christian romance, and is a powerful story; and I instantly fell in love with anything romance. I am 33 years of age, live in Provo Utah, studying to be a apologist,  and I am the oldest and have four siblings, single,  I love to scrapbook, read, write, travel, hiking, going to football games, spending time with family, and just having fun with life. I created this blog ten years ago, because I have no family or friends that have similar interests in reading romances, This was a way to find new friends and a community of those that have the same passion for reading romance that I do…because in my mind there is nothing better than a winning love story that touches you. This blog is dedicated to my love of romances.  Hope you enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy writing!