Elite Books I Wish I Had Made Time For This Year

So What Are Some Of The Books You Wanted To Get To But Didn’t?


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  • Good list!! I read Royally Endowed and On Broken Wings. Both were good (not my favorite in the series, but 4 star reads!) Have a wonderful 2018!!!

  • Boss Man and Him are such good ones!! Tangled is one I wish I got to as well.

  • Boss Man was really good! Royally Endowed and Gentlemen Prefer Heiresses were both on my lists of books to read but didn’t get around too. I also have a TON of Julia Quinn books right now that I’m hoping to get through in the next few weeks… my TBR wasn’t kind to me this year 🙂

  • I didn’t get to any of these this year either. I do want to read My Kind of Wonderful very soon if at all possible. Hope you are able to squeeze these in soon.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Oh, HIM is a favorite of mine, as is the sequel. I hope you can read those soon! I also need to read Illegal Contact and A Study in Scarlet Women, among many, many ohters. haha


  • Michele H

    On Broken Wings and My Kind of Wonderful are still on my TBR as well. And I SO want to sit down with them, like right now!! 😉 I hope you end up enjoying Tangled and Royally Endowed. Emma is such a wonderful author. I’m a *huge* fan, especially of Tangled. But it’s not for everyone where Drew is sort of, well, a jerk sometimes. But he’s got a great heart and he’s funny as all get out. Plus the whole thing with his niece and her swear jar? Priceless!

  • I really liked Royally Endowed! And I wasn’t sure I would. The audio is great! Shane East’s voice is super amazing. I also liked My Kind of Wonderful a lot too although that cover doesn’t do it for me.

  • Bedchamber Games is sooo good, you need to read it soon! Also, I keep wanting to read A Study in Scarlet Women but I still haven’t… LOL

  • Ooh, I wish I’d gotten around to reading some of these too. Mostly Him by Sarina and Elle but also the Chanel Cleeton book. I’ll be reading the Laura Lee Guhrke book soon and I’m stoked about that. I hope you’ll read the Christina Lee (great read), the Emma Chase and the Lorraine Heath. I read and enjoyed all of those.

  • Some great looking books are on this list! I hope you can get around to some of them next year. Him is also on my to-read list and I hope to get to it next year. My Kind of Wonderful is the one from this list I already read and enjoyed :).