Elite Romance Book Covers 2017


  • Tonya Lucas

    I loved all the cover, but Linda Broday’s Knight On The Texas Plains, really swept me away.

    • Thanks for stopping by Tonya!! I just adore Linda Broday’s cover too. The way he is touching her is so swoony.

  • I just adore the cover of Devil in Spring. The colors, the dress…oh I just love it!

    • Yes it is a beautiful cover. Have you seen the stepback of it? Its even more gorgeous. My only issue with the cover in Devil in Spring was that its a contemporary dress and not a historical era one, so that is the only thing I would change. But it is drop dead pretty. I think if I had to choose a favorite from these would be Sea King. I want her dress so badly.

      • No I haven’t seen the stepback image! I will have to go look for that!

  • Devil in Spring is so beautiful. Definitely a favorite of mine!

  • I’ve loved the covers for Chase’s whole series. So yummy!

  • Ohh some of the covers here made my list, too! <3

  • I’m not really a fan covers with couples on them, but I love when there’s a gorgeous dress like of Devil in Spring.

  • Michele H

    So many to choose from this year! Ride Wild, Royally Matched and Devil in Spring were probably my faves.

  • Yours is the third cover favs list with The Duchess Deal on it. And it is definitely worthy. I see so many up there that I would probably want to own just to have the covers. 🙂 I always buy Patricia Briggs and CS Harris books and the cover does factor in.

  • RO

    I’ve always loved any of Lisa Kleypas covers, and I’ve been watching quite a few Westerns on Netflix, so Linda Broday’s cover fits perfectly. Fun Friday to you and Happy New Year! Hugs…RO

  • I love The Sea King’s cover. On one hand, it is sort of cheesy but I just love the colors and my eyes are always drawn to it when I’ve seen in.

  • i love the original covers of elle kennedy’s off-campus series. i don’t understand why she had to go and change them.

  • The Tessa Dare is my favorite ! I think it’s because the filter makes it look like an Instagram.

  • Beware Of The Reader

    I love The Rivalry cover. He has such a nice bum 😉