Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Must Watch Christmas Movies

One thing that I have really love most about this time of year is watching Christmas movies, they are just so fun and ar perfect for getting you in the mood for the Holidays!! Some are cheesy, others are dramatic but they are all so wonderful.


What a movie, and I have adored this film for the longest time, ever since I can remember to be honest. One it has John Denver, who is my favorite singer and songwriter. He has such a soothing voice and his passion for peace, nature and wildlife and love come out in his songs. This movie is about a widowed architect who lives in New York City with his daughter. His boss wants him to survey a small town in Montana for a development project. A small town where everyone believes in Santa Claus. It has fun Christmas spirit, a small town setting and a sweet romance. Its humorous and sweet and charming!!!

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The Christmas Carol is such a classic movie to watch and there are so many versions to watch and the book is amazing. And out of all the book to movie adaption, I just adore The Christmas Carol. What I loved about this version, was the realism of the surroundings. It felt so real in how people acted, their clothing and the city of London as it was back when the book was written. And quite frankly, Patrick Stewart makes the best scrooge EVER!!! I watch this one every single year (multiple times) because its so wonderful and the emotion this movie portrays to the watcher is brilliant. I always cry in this movie at the end. Happy tears of course.

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This is such a classic to watch and it just reminds me of my childhood so strongly. And of course I did like the most recent realism version with Jim Carrey is so wonderful. It has such a fun theme to it, definitely a movie to make you laugh and bring on the fun moments of Christmas and the Winter Holidays. Love it

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There is such a sweet innocence in this movie and another book to movie adaption and so wonderful. I adored this children’s book, and to see it in movie form which was very well done. Definitely perfect to get you in the cheer and spirit of Christmas!!

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The Santa Clause Movies are so great for a great humorous Christmas themed movies!!! I adored the first one when I was a kid, and so it was fun to see him fall in love in the second movie and to have a baby in movie 3!! I just have adored the humor in this movie, so hilarious and fun.

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Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas is a must watch especially if you are Christian. This is a LDS Christmas movie, but so wonderful and heartwarming. It features Jimmy Stewart so if you love this actor, than you will enjoy this movie. It also features the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (and from what I know is one of the best in the world right now) I just adore this choir and their talent is amazing. You have to be REALLY good to get into it and I grew up around them here in Utah so I just adore their style. But they do wonderful Christmas programs.This movie was featured in the 80’s and features the magic of Christmas and learning about the true meaning of Christmas. And how this time of year can touch anyone no matter their circumstances in life. Its about a widower who only has his cat for company. We see this lonely man find comfort and joy. Its a short movie but touches your heart.

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What a classic movie to watch for Christmas. Its tradition to watch this movie on Christmas Eve in my family. Especially my dad and I will watch this as we are getting Christmas dinner like the Turkey and stuffing  (which we make from scratch) and also the Cranberry sauce and pies. So its just fun to spend time with my family while watching this. Such a heartwarming feel good story that is a must watch for everyone!!

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This is such a fantastic movie!!! I just love this one. I grew up watching this one and the sequel which takes place in New York. If you are looking for some great laughs, than these movies are a must. I just love them so much and man the villains are horrible but boy I don’t know how they are ALIVE at the end. What they go through in each movie is ridiculous and they are very determined. They just never ever give up no matter what they go through. So its so fun to watch.

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If you are a fan of Angela Lansbury, you NEED to watch this or a fun musical like Christmas movie…then buy it!! Because this movie is so amazing here. It just gives me all the warm feels. Its about the wife of Santa Claus, who wants an adventure of her own. She takes the sleigh, a week before Christmas, to try out a new map and she finds herself stranded in New York City in a mutli cultural neighborhood and reaches out to help kids working in a toy factory. Such a fun movie to watch and I just love it because it has such a good message. Its like Christmas meets the Newsies.

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Have you watched any of these movies? If so, what did you think of them?
What movies do you love watching the most around this time of year?
  • Home Alone is probably one of my favorite Christmas movies! I also love Die Hard (totally counts as a Christmas movie!). And I love the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies too. The Christmas Kiss is great. It’s on Netflix.

    • Isn’t Home Alone so fantastic?? I just love it. I have been watching a few hallmark christmas movies and love them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are from books 🙂

  • Awww I need to watch a xmas movie soon. THough I can’t say I have a fav

    • Yes these listed are my top favorites, that I have to watch every Christmas season. Hope you get some watched soon.

  • Oh Christmas movies!! I love Christmas movies so much. Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story are holiday traditions. I also love Charlie Brown Christmas!

    • Yes aren’t they fantastic!!! And yes for a Charlie Brown Christmas, a true classic right?

  • Karen

    I like The Grinch, A Christmas Story and all stop animation shows Rudolph (although those aren’t movies.

    For What It’s Worth

    • Yes those are all pretty great too!!! Who doesn’t love The Grinch right?

  • Great picks!! Several of them I plan on watching soon 😀

  • I’m a Hallmark junkie around the Christmas season. I’ve watched several on your list and It’s a Wonderful Life is a favorite for me- even have it for the theme of my light-up Christmas Village. I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas shows on PBS.

  • We watch The Polar Expres and A Christmas Story every year with kinds no matter how old they get. But I love Elf!

  • YES! I love Christmas movies. Home Alone is one of my favorites, as it reminds me of when the kids (if they can be called that now) that I used to babysit were younger.

    My favorite Christmas movies are While You Were Sleeping, The Holiday, The Family Man, and Sleepless in Seattle. I also love an oldie called It Came Upon a Midnight Clear with Mickey Rooney, but I haven’t seen it since I was a little girl and can’t find it on DVD anywhere.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome list, I think I watch Home Alone almost every Christmas, love that movie with The National Lampoos Vacation – also a fav to watch every year. I like Grinch the movie 😀 I have yet to see The Polar Express

  • I always make my family watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” – I love Jimmy Stewart and that movie is all sorts of “different” in it’s plot and story. I love the fun of the Santa Clause movies, too. Especially the first one 🙂 I think I’m too old for Home Alone b/c I’m over it. And who DOESN’T love John Denver?!?!?! I’ve never heard of his Christmas movie so I’ll have to go hunt it down. Great list!!!

  • I am not a big fan of Christmas movies. I do like the claymation kid’s shows that I remember watching every year as a kid.

  • I saw some of them there!

  • Bookworm Brandee

    We always watch Christmas movies on the nights leading up to Christmas – with the kids. Now that they’re older the number of movies we watch has increased. Ha! I didn’t know about Patrick Stewart starring in A Christmas Carol so we’ll check out that one because we all love him. 🙂 But most of the others on your list also make ours. Thanks for sharing, Renee!

  • I love the classics like, It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th and A Christmas Carol and the old kid’s shows. I will watch Hallmark movies, and love all the ones you mentioned. We play them while wrapping gifts and on Christmas Eve,

  • CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!! I love this time of year for so many reasons, and Christmas movies is definitely one of them. It’s a Wonderful Life is my absolute favorite, though I love the Grinch movie and A Christmas Carol as well. 😍😍 Great list, Renee! Happy watching!

    Have a wonderful weekend. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • Yay, thanks for sharing. I think I haven’t read any of them or maybe i’ve forgot, which is a good thing since it’s a reason to start rewatching. I haven’t watched many movies this year but I want to read and watch Christmas themed books and movies. ❤️😁

  • It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol (both PS and GS versions) are every year watches for me 🙂

  • Hi
    I found your blog in Readers in Wonderland and I am glad that I did. My favourite Christmas movie from your list would be Home Alone. I saw that movie when I was myself a kid and so have special place in my heart for it.
    Yellow Mellow Life